'frankenstein' BV bag on ebay...

  1. I was thinking I *might* buy it just to have a bag I can take apart and make into something else... what I'm not sure... but the price is not too bad, and the lining IS original print... and the bag is a buon so it's pretty big, so I might have some interesting options...

    am I nuts???? :confused1:

    oh this is the link to the item in case some of you haven't seen this piece of work... haha
    eBay: Tokidoki for LeSportsac Buon Viaggio Purse Black (item 230097824156 end time Mar-05-07 16:37:26 PST)
  2. What would you make out of it?
  3. blackwidow - I don't know yet!!! :p
    I was thinking I might be able to piece together a scarf or something.
  4. I don't own a solid colored bag with the print lining on the inside but what kind of material is the lining on those bags? If it is nylon it probably wouldn't make a good scarf.
  5. I would imagine it is nylon also. that is prob a good point. I don't really know... maybe I should just save the money and buy another shirt or that bullet necklace... haha!
  6. No sense wasting your money. If you have something in mind great go for it! Otherwise it would probably be better just like you said to put your money toward another item.
  7. I'm w/Blackwidow...if you have something specific in mind to do w/the frankenstein then get it but it's probably not the best idea. I'd save that $$$ for something...for anything else...like the bullet necklace!! :graucho:
  8. agree - go for something else! The lining is probably nylon and can't be good for scarf, maybe a water proof head scarf? :nuts:
  9. A waterproof head scarf LMAO!!!!!! That would look CRAZY! Skip the 'stein!
  10. Too funny!!! :roflmfao:
  11. that poor, pathetic, sad bag :crybaby: :sad:
  12. I think it should have been retired a long long time ago.
  13. more like burried. that poor bag deserves to be put out of it's misery.
  14. LOL...I agree!! :graucho:
  15. haha thanks gals, for talking me out of it. I am glad I didn't get it now.... instead I will be hoping I can score a bullet necklace this week from japanla... .:yahoo: