Frange/Fringe MC

  1. I went to pick up my damier speedy 30 yesterday and my SA shows me the fringe MC color bucket in white and I was SHOCKED:shocked: but in a good way...IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm so in love and I want one. It really ticks me off that people but these bags and put them right away on ebay. My SA told me that the person that bought the bag frequently returns bags so hopefully he returns the bag, becasue then I'll be able to buy it!!! Please everyone have a little hope for me:angel:
  2. I thought the same thing when I saw it IRL! I HATED it when I saw pictures but in real life it was so pretty. I would never spend that much on a bag that whimsical...but it was sooo pretty. I hope you find yours!
  3. When I picked up my Speedy yesterday, I asked SA about the bucket and he said that the bucket is the only piece that they will be getting in. He took my info down and called me back later in the day to say that I should have one within a month. BUT, is it really worth $4400.00 Canadian ($5060.00 after tax)?!?!?!:amazed: :shocked: I am having second thoughts now.
  4. wow that is a ton. Just think how many more bags you could have.
  5. I really like the Fringe bags they look so cool, But alot of money for them.
  6. I also saw the bag in real and it's so so cute and it does that cute noise when you carry it. I understand why it is that expensive. When you see it, you realise the work they put on it. But I agree the ebay thing is RIDICULOUS
  7. uhhh LVLOVER... you didn't invite me to go with you!?!

    I sent you messages! :sad:
  8. GET IT!!!:love: , I look at my speedy and realise how much I spent, but it is such a cool bag. I didn't see any in Monaco and got lots of compliments. I have seen the white bucket, it is beautiful:yes: , you can always ebay it. I bet some of these bags may wind up back it the store, since the ebayers aren't shifting them at the inflated price. The same ones are still on there!
  9. I hope they have one at the LV party I'm going to next week. I am curious to see what it looks like IRL. LVLover you can always call the toll free number from the LV website and they will do a search for you.
  10. I've yet to see one in real life but I think that it's one of those bags that will be highly collectable and worth the price if you can afford it.
  11. That's some big bucks! :blink:

    And I thought over 1k for a piece of denim was unbelieveable!

    LV_Addict - if you can afford it and love it, then get it! Not too many ladies will have them... :yes:
  12. ahh so many lv addicts!
  13. I agree.
  14. in austria, my sa told me that they wont get the speedy for now-lv has problems with the production of the speedy style....

    and yes, thy look wayyyyy better IRL then they do on pics
  15. Get it if you can. I would love to get the white MC fringed bucket but the SA said it is $5 400 (AUD) which is out of my league.:sad: