Francophiliacs unite! Share your other French loves

  1. Toyday, all day I've been spring cleaning my apartment, a painful process as many of you may know... and looking at all my stuff sitting about (I don't know how I never noticed this before) - it is clear that I'm a blatant Francophiliac, as all my Favorite things are French... go figure :smile:

    > I collect and generally admire contemporary furniture, my favourite designers and many pieces I own are French. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Jean Prouve are my favourite designers, and my favourite piece in my collection is my Togo sofa, by french furniture maker Ligne Roset. There's a kind of lightness in spirit, that french designers excell in injecting into their designs, often with very beautiful results.


    > The French band Phoenix are my fav music act ever. Full stop.
    I'm also very into and Mickey 3D and love Benjamin Biolay - the man is just darned cool.


    > A few years ago I bought a little Le Creuset frypan on eBay, and it was instantly love, since then I've upgraded all my el-cheapo cookware to match. You've gotta love the shockingly vibrant colours it comes in, and it makes a mean ANYTHING.


    > Hermes peaked my interest about 4 years ago, but I never really fell in love with it's leathergoods because I felt it was, and still is, a little too 'grown up' for me. But I love their glasswear and china. I have a decent little collection happening that I like to break out when I bring a bag of McDonalds or something equally indulgent home. Nothing like Mountain Dew out of a Crystal Hermes Tumbler!


    > I really admire french graphic design duo M/M Paris, they's been a big influence on my design work - I bought Madonna and Bjork's last few albums on LP just to have their artwork collab's in extra-large.


    > I was gifted a tiny little vial of a Commes des Garcons fragrance many years ago, and now, Man 2 and the Incense series are all I wear. They're fragrances with such character, I'll never go back to Old Spice again! (Well, occasionally.. maybe).


    > And of course, there's Louis Vuitton.


    I've nothing to say about our beloved LV that hasn't already been said a million times in these forums... exepct that I think, I really think, I NEED a SO Damier Steamer bag... ;)

    Please...somebody...don't leave me all alone here... are YOU a Francophiliac?
  2. I am too, jz.....and I'm not french!

    thanks for sharing your pics, feel free to pm me si vous voudrais discuter les choses francaises (if you would like to discuss anything FR)!!!
    So it's only natural for us to LVoe LV !!!! lol
  3. I LOVE Ligne Roset, one of my favourite furniture designers.

    Other things I also love which are French:




    I will add more soon, there are too many

  4. I loved Amelie too!! Also isnt that MC Solaar the same guy that did the music on the SATC final epi? :biggrin:
  5. yeah, La belle et la bad boy, Love that song !! :tup:
  6. Orangina
    Evian cosmetics
    Ladurée macarons

    and yes, I like almost everything by Hermès, too!
  7. Please do! :yes:

    As adddictive and fun as the whole research-and-aquisition side of LV is, we all read so much about that one aspect of Vuitton, the obvious material side.
    I think a little discussion on all things French would be great; since, after all, French savoir-Faire is the backbone of Vuitton, and the philosphy echoes in practically everything that comes out of France.
  8. i wouldn't say im a Francophile, but here are a few French things/people i like:
    La Duree, Fauchon and Berthillon.
    Chavignol goat's cheese and Echire butter :drool:
    art of Pierre et Gilles, Sophie Calle, Igres and Yves Klein
    designs by Andree Putman and Fabien Baron.
    music of Air, St.Germain and Telepopmusik.
    music videos and films by Michel Gondry and Stéphane Sednaoui
    actors/actresses Gad Elmaleh, Pascal Greggory, Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Vince Cassel, Emmanuelle Devos and Isabelle Huppert
    some of the movies i enjoyed and loved: Gabrielle, Mon Oncle, La Moustache, Hors de prix, Mon Meilleur Ami, Tanguy

    i also like Le Creuset. i also aim to have a complete set someday.
  9. Oh I'm so happy, that you love the french culture, I'm french and I love the english and american culture too, and I also wanted to say you to come to Paris one day, you'll love this city !!!
  10. Charlotte Gainsbourgh. Absolutely. I loved her in The Science of Sleep. And her album, 5:55 is on permanent rotation on my current playlist :smile: Very much reccomended


    François Ozon - I'm not sure how I managed to forget him and his great films.
    There's the great, fun 8 Femme, but my favourite is his dark short film Regarde la mer (See the Sea).

  11. Some more:

    the movie "Un homme et une femme" that was made there
    scents by Serge Lutens

    ... and N. Sarkozy, the president!
  12. Well, French culture is difficult to not love! :lol: I will definitely be visiting Paris one day, and as much of France as I can manage, really ;)
  13. french fries :greengrin:

    and i love the way french people dress, so chic!
  14. I am not francophile, more anglophile but what would the world be without

    dreaming about a new LV bag (Saleya pm at the moment, but I start to admire the Deauville)
    the cup of the tea I am drinking at the moment from Mariage frères
    silk scarves from H
    french couture
    french perfume
    the way of dressing Madame Chanel introduced to women
    the french way of living life
  15. My 13 year old is watching the movie "8 femmes" for his french class. He thinks he knows who the murderess is...:upsidedown: