Francis Preview Pics

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  1. I think I ordered the double-tone brown with turq blue fabric lining. I really like how simple and classic this turned out. Perfect for work.


  2. simply gorgeous!
  3. Beautiful. Very nice for work!
  4. That's really pretty! It looks great with the lining!
  5. Lovely! I love that with the hardware and lining, it's a very modern take on a classic look.
  6. yeah a great work bag !
  7. LL..I own an original BE IYT, which I bought on the 'bay. It's matte choco. I bought it gently used..about two weeks after I bought it, the sealant on the handle seams at the widest part began splitting (shoemaker who is Italian says it wasn't sealed well at all and that the entire handle is not made well. The V shaped portion is too wide and ungainly. He is taking out all the sealant, and remaking the handles. He has had to do this for me on another BE as well. The rolled handles are a horror).

    Because the style was not bespoke, the zipper does not fully extend from side to side so it is a PITA, and I do not like the way the handles are made. It also can't be worn crossbody. I love the leather, but that's it. I bought it to use as a functional tote for papers and to use as a purse at the same time.

    Now that I see your gorgeous bag, I am sorry I didn't know about Ignes. I should have waited and bought a Francis.

    This is stunning in its simplicity yet not boring. I love everything about it including the fact that the front pocket closes with a flap and not a flimsy zipper with a flimsy zipper pull that can break.

    Kudos to you and kudos to Maria and Ignacio. I think I would like to own this in a dark bottle green. I have rehomed a few things, and have bought nothing else so perhaps I can indulge.

    I need to post a question about some styles on Aster Alyse (spelling) but not here.

    LL..thanks for sharing.
  8. LL-a great work bag! I like the turqoise lining with the brown.
  9. Beautiful it. Such a classic!
  10. Love it, lionlaw! Yup, it looks like such a classic work bag. Congrats!
  11. I have always been a fan of brown and turquoise...mmm...turquoise! Just gorgeous!
  12. Looks great- my DH finally started using it.... said I was lying when I reminded him he said it was too much like a handbag! He said it! Now denies it. LOL So now he is using it... funny.
    He said the strap sometimes gets tangled.

    Yours looks so professional, a real classic.
  13. Wow,

    Yet it's professional as well, and certainly not boring.
    Great choice LL.
  14. Simple and classic - big YES. Beautiful - also big YES. But the lining adds a stunning and gorgeous pop of color, a "lagniappe". Love it!
  15. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!