Francine is HERE!!!

  1. And she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love her! :love: She is exactly what I wanted! The color is TDF, everything about her is just perfect! The shoulder strap is really long which I love and it is adjustable, it could probably be worn crossbody by someone who is alot smaller than I am! She's just great and I can't wait until spring to use her! Here are some pics and a modeling pic, don't mind my dirty mirror! :yahoo:
  2. That is the perfect bag for spring! I love the color and it looks great on you!
  3. I love her congrats it's TDF, can't wait to get one with PCE.
  4. OMG she is gorgeous! I LOVE this bag on you - you wear it well! The turquoise is so springy and fresh in the patent. Just beautiful. :drool:
  5. :wtf: Dude, are you kidding?!!??!?!?!?! That thing is BEAU-TI-FUL! OMG! Ok now that I just realized how poor I'm going to be between you and reynoldo, I'm just gonna go take to the bed! LOVELY!
  6. gorgeous bag, congrats. that color is TDF!!!
  7. Beautiful bag, such a gorgeous color!!! Congratulations, enjoy her!
  8. Wow that color is bright and TDF! Very gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Wow gorgeous! I just got your matching wallet!!
    patent wallet 001.jpg
  10. Congrats, that color is TDFFFF!
  11. Yeh! you already got her! She looks great! better than I thought ! I ordered mine and the wallet on friday from the store and shes not arriving until tommorow cant wait now after seeing your pics! I like the Gigi someone posted also I bet she will look great in turquoise! I wonder if there is much differnce between teal and turquoise in these legacy handbags?

    I :heart: The Teal! So Springy!
  12. congrats, I love the color! :tup:
  13. All this turqouise is blinding today, so incredible! It looks terrific on you, thanks for posting pics!
  14. OMG, that bag is GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely love this color!!! This is the only bag that you cannot use the PCE discount on, right?? I think I remember the SA telling me that, but I didn't know what the Francine was because they didn't have the catalogs in the store yet.

    ENJOY!!! :tup:
  15. Why cant you use the PCE on her does anyone know?