Francesco Biasia (?)

  1. Does anyone here own one? I purchased one from Bluefly last night with the 15% off coupon (bringing it down to $424). Then today I see the same bag on Ebay for a buy it now price of $378. What is up with Bluefly? How are these bags? Will I be dissapointed? Here it is:
  2. I think FB bags are very good quality for the price. I have two currently. One is an evening flap bag my MIL bought me in Italy several years ago, and the other is a "Nebbiolo" bag I bought last year.
  3. Does Bluefly over charge? Should I cancel my order and purchase the one on Ebay?
  4. I bought my mom one a few years ago in Italy...I thought the price was great for the quality. I've seen a few fun ones at Nordstrom but never bought them.

    Bluefly & ebay are totally different to me, I wouldn't consider them competitors...I'd probably opt for Bluefly as its more likely to be a hassle free experience.
  5. I'd say get from Bluefly, but that's just because I don't trust e-bay.
  6. I trust bluefly a lot more than eBay, definitely authentic & definitely new, so I'll wait for that one if I were you. BTW I have one FB bag in black (not sure what it's called, it was a gift from bf), and I love it :smile: And that green one you just bought looks really cute too! I was actually looking at it the other day
  7. Bumping this thread to see if more people know this brand. I have searched all over the internet for this bag but Bluefly was it and they only had one. I did end up buying the one on Ebay and I will compare the two and see if I can find a difference.
  8. Same.

    I dont think they 'overcharge' but I did see a bag on bluefly and the same bag on ebags and bluefly was more expensive (not by much though).

    I've heard of Francesco Biasia before and I think someone actually suggested him to me once. Thats good, right? :/ I dont know, I've never seen it in person.
  9. I think these are beautiful bags. I have one myself and like it very much. The quality is excellent, especially considering the price. I think sells the Biasia bags as well but the selection is usually limited.
  10. You know, I don't care for Overstock. They charge your card immediately and then send your items later. I don't like this practice. The last time I ordered something from them, they oversold the product and it took three weeks, several calls and the intervention of my credit card company to get my money back. Also, I am not entirely sure about the authenticity and quality of the products they sell. I have read some bad reviews on e-opinions regarding that, although most of the time the product was a PDA or other piece of electronic equipment. My reccomendation is to stay away but that is only my opinion. Perhaps someone else has had a better experience.
  11. I have two FB bags. They are great IMO. One is a Nebbiolo barrel bag in dark brown and the other is a small handheld bag in bright pink (sorry can't remember the style name). They are both nice quality, soft leather, have inside pockets (which I need for cell, etc) and hold up well. I highly recommend FB bags.
  12. Thanks, dianagrace.
  13. Nordstroms also carries Francesco Biasia.