Francesco Biasia


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Dec 11, 2006
Hello, musey! I have several FB bags, and this looks authentic to me. All the studs should have their logo stamped into them, and the lining looks real. If you get this one, you will absolutely love the will be smooth and a bit shiney and very soft. They make great leather bags.
i didn't know FB also gets copied... this one looks real to me! :biggrin:
I didn't think so either, but I'm new to the brand so I just wanted to make sure!

Thanks so much Compass and RoseMary!! I'm glad to hear that it's nice leather, I was wondering about that. I'm gonna go buy it now
!! :yahoo:
This caught my eye this morning. It's different: the color, the texture of the leather and the price isn't bad. Can you Francesco Biasia handbag owners give me some feedback on the quality/durability of this line of bags? And comments on this particular one. Here's the link to Nordies if you need more angles: Francesco Biasia 'Gypsy Rain' Cinch Tote - -

Hi Prada Psycho - I've had a few Biasia bags. The winter ones are usually in quite thick, heavy leather and the summer ones in softer almost vintagey leather. He likes to go for the 'washed' leather look. I did have problems with one bag when the handles came unstitched from the bag but that was a few years back.
The quality has definitely improved and they are hard wearing bags that hold up well. He does like chunky metal so some of the lines can be a bit heavy - it definitely helps to try them out.
I'm a fairly new Francesco Biasia owner. I purchased one bag (Glamour Girl Sling Hobo in Cognac from about two months ago and loved it so much that I bought another (Wild Lady in Grey from Nordstrom's) just last week. The leather on both of my bags is thick and very nice quality. The leather is soft, but it's certainly not soft like lambskin. The cognac color is gorgeous - I get so many compliments on it. The hardware doesn't feel shoddy and it's used as nice accents without being overdone. I used my glamour girl everyday for the last two months I've had it and I think it's held up really well...still looks new and the weather in Philly has been snowy and rainy for the last few weeks.

Check out and Zappo's. They have a lot of Biasia bags on sale. I didn't look, but you might find the style you like there too.
My mom bought a FB Secret Love tote/satchel in navy back in November. She really likes it, but obviously hasn't had it long enough to know about long term durability.

It seems to be good quality for the price.
I have two FB bags, which I have owned for about 2 years now. I bought them back-to-back because I loved one so much, I had to get the other one. I just love the leather on both, and the stitching has never been an issue. I would buy more.
I owned an Indian Gypsy in Hot Choc, I really love it and I think it is sturdy leather..It seems to age well too...and the hardware is great..not too heavy compared to my cole haan black tote which I hardly carry...
Definitely worth my money!:smile:
I have 2 FB bags, one hobo and an olive shoulder bag which suffered several problems - the lining virtually ripped into shreds (too thin and shoddily made) and I also had to have a cobbler sew up the handles - in the places where the folded over leather which forms the handles meets, the stitching was becoming undone, I suppose it was not finished properly. Still, I loved the bag so much and we get so limited quantities here and the shop will not take an order for a specific model, that I decided not to return it, shredded lining and all I still use it. But I am wary of the quality of FBs now and will probably never buy their bag again. There are better brands out there, imo - Coccinelle is a direct rival and Hayden Harnett, too.
I just joined the forum because I was looking for a new purse. I'm not really into purses but obviously do like them.

First I bought one at Brighton. Didn't like how it felt on my shoulder so I returned it. Then I saw Sears had replicas for $40, was I glad I returned that bag.

Then I bought a Coach--the new Hampton vintage leather Hobo in cognac ($498) at Nordstroms. I returned it the next day because for $500 there was no zipper or even magnet snaps in the top, I felt like if I was on a plane and put my bag under the seat, good-bye stuff. Also this was my first coach bag and I wasn't too impressed to see "made in china" stamped right on it.

Then I went to Nordstroms and bought "secret love" (Francesco Biasia) in black with sort of antique gold hardware. Now THAT is a beautiful bag!!! inside and out, plenty of room and feels great to carry ($335). It's a tad larger than I'm used to but the next lower size looked a bit small so I think I'll keep it. IMHO it is constructed so much better than the coach I returned there is no comparison for the price. That really nice Italian leather --I actually like it better than any bag I've seen (and I've shopped pretty much every store in Chicago's Michigan avenue and Orange County South Coast plaza). Although my limit was not spending over $1,000.

OK so after reading this thread I don't feel so guilty about what I did next. I went to Nordstroms in LA to locate the "glamour girl" in cognac (almost like secret love) and am now hiding the package so my DH doesn't see it. I liked the construction, look, stying, feel, roominess, etc so much better than ANYTHING I've seen (with the exception of the $1500 Feragamao bags) that I just needed a brown version of that bag. There's just "something" about these bags I fell in love with (maybe something about the Italian leather cause my last few bags were purchased in Italy).

Also--you don't see anybody carrying these bags and I hate to have the same thing as everyone else. Can't vouch for how long they will wear but the construction looks impeccable to me at this point--something I definitely couldn't say for couch.

Glad to see there are other people who've fallen for these bags.
Thanks for everyone's comments. I took the plunge yesterday and ordered it. It's snowing here today and in North Carolina, even an inch of snow will shut the state down so I don't know if it will be delivered tomorrow or Monday. Either way, I'll post a pic and comments when I get it.

Honestly, that rust color and the treatment of the leather has me totally hypnotized! I noticed that FB has several other styles in this color/leather combo. If I like it IRL, but maybe not the bag itself, I've got some nice options for others styles. :yes: