Francesco Biasia?

  1. I've got one Biasia's bag,it's an italian brand.The leather is beautiful.I'll take a photo as soon as I can to show it to you.:flowers: It's a luxury brand,but not very wellknown at this moment.I've seeen other bags from Biasia,all were honestly beautifull!This brown bag is gorgeous:drool:
  2. Here are the picts.It's a large shopper bag.I bought it for 410 euros(quiet 450/460$)The leather is really soft and supple.Hope this help.

    I really apology,don't know why my picts appear so BIG:shame:
    biasia.jpg biasia gros plan.jpg
  3. It's an Italian brand, here it's not luxury as Gucci or Fendi can be, i'd say it's on the same level as Furla. I don't own any, so I can't guarantee, but the must be very good.
  4. It's a pretty popular brand in LA.
  5. The bags look really cute. I think I would appreciate them more if I could feel the leather. The website doesn't really say what kind of leather they're using, just that it's Italian, which weirds me out.
  6. Oh wow... I didn't realize Biasia is sold at Kitson. That explains the LA popularity :smile:

    Yeah, I think I'll get one.
  7. One bag that I always get compliments on is my Francesco Biasia! He makes beautiful bags, beautiful designs and IMO excellent quality - the prices are sure to go up - his stuff is as nice as bags twice the price.
  8. Suzy, what Biasia do you have?
  9. sells this brand as well....i have seen some nice ones in Nordstrom as well
  10. LOVE Biasia bags...I have an eggplant one I am crazy for and always get lots of compliments!
  11. I really adore their designs...

    But I had only bad luck with first splurge on a purse was this brand...but in 4 months...the bag scratched up and the wallet broke on me...

    Sorry to say...
  12. Bagluvluv, that's exactly the information I was looking for. I don't want a bag that will fall apart on me!
  13. :nuts:

    that's the exact bag i was checking out the other day. i want to see this one out in person, although i don't know where i might find them. i know that Nordies carries them, just not sure for that bag.
  14. I dont know about now a days, but this was 4 yrs ago or so and it was a beautiful looking bag...but it really pissed me off when it broke...:shame:

    This was the reason I started to look at LVs even though it was way more expensive...not that Im pushing LV on ya...but I think that if you want a bag to last for a long time...this is not it....:P