Francesco Biasia

  1. Hello out there! Do any of you ladies own a Francesco Biasia bag? What do you think of them?

    I am torn between these two styles....which one do you like better, or none at all?

    Thanks for your help.
    _5236335.jpg _5255601.jpg
  2. I really like the 2nd one. I own a Francesco Biasia bag in a logo fabric style, and I'm really impressed with how well made it is. It looks great dressed up, or with jeans.
  3. Thanks, Melissa. My gut is going with the second one too. Always need another girl's imput! I'm glad to hear that you like your FB. They really are nice bags, and relatively reasonable compared to others out there.
  4. my manager got the second one. well.. i dont really know if it was really a francesco biasia but it certainly look like that. and it was pretty! she got it in white.
  5. I like 2nd one. Good quality bags, FB's.
  6. I have to tell you that Francesco Biasia is one of my all time favorite designers. Never ever did I think I would get a nylon bag, but I did just purchase a FB that is made of leather and nylon, after initially purchasing a bag very similar to your second choice. The workmanship of FB bags is absolutely wonderful. The leather on the bags is soft and smooth and dreamy. And these bags are not heavy, as compared to a Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors. You'll be hooked if you get one!
  7. The second one, for sure (though I am not lucky enough to own a Biasia bag).
  8. I love the 2nd one, too. I actually looked at it in Macy's over the weekend. The leather seemed very nice, the size was great and it look gorgeous on my shoulder.
  9. I like the 2nd.
    A few years ago I saw a Francesco Biasia bag that I knew my mom would love, she's not a purse person so I bought it for her... and it is still going strong. Very well made... and she is HARD on her bags.
    I hope you get & enjoy yours!
  10. I'd go for the second one too. I've seen it IRL and the leather is nice and soft--great bag!
  11. the second one is the "secret love bag" - I got that one in Cinnamon Brown and i LOOOOOOOOOVE it! bought it on ebay.
  12. I love my FB bag. Well made and well priced. Used it alot this summer. I think the second one is fab.