Francesco Biasia

  1. this is my faviour brand name . in my opnion it has superior quality than a lot of the so called designer bags. I wonder why it is not a big hit anywhere, persumably because no celebraty has ever used it in a photo shot. For me that means no need to worry about fakes. is this the corret assumption?:yahoo:
  2. Hi, and welcome to the forum! I have had 2 FB's for a couple of years now, and I love their quality. I'm all about great hardware on bags, and FB is definitely there. Saw newer ones at Saks Off Fifth in the high $400 range, and the woven leather style that they were showing was yummy in wonderful bright colors. I really don't believe they are faked, and I think more celebrities should watch me wear mine! ;) There are a lot of good threads on Francesco Biasia, so if you do a search, you'll find a wealth of information and good reading about this brand.
  3. My mother carries one and she loves it! held up pretty well too!
  4. thanks. I am new to this. will search for more information. I have never question authenticity, as I buy only from department stores. but I recently realized there are lots on eBay etc. are there fake FB? do I need to worry?
  5. I bought a black suede Biasia "In the Moment" shoulder bag at TJ Maxx yesterday for $89 + tax. I like that the suede was finely textured and a very dark black. But when I got home and examined it more closely, I realized that the top of the leather strap was leather, but the backing was VINYL! I searched for the material tag and sure enough part of the bag was PVC. Vinyl is just too cheesy for me in ANY capacity, so I returned it. I have seen other Biasia bags that seem to be of higher quality.
  6. I have two FB bags and love them. One needs repairs, since a piece of the hardware fell off and it is lost. It is a big, sort of patent, black bag. I really like it. The other is a dusty pink, distressed leather shoulder bag. Really pretty. I like FB bags, a lot. I don't seem them that often or, if I do, there is not a huge selection.
  7. :wtf: Wow! I believe you, but I don't believe it!!
  8. I recently got a FB Sweet Pea Stellar and now I am obsessed:search: with having one in every color! I love this bag soooo much I wish I could wear it with everything. The leather is wonderful and the hardware is beautiful and sturdy. I love to just look at it!:heart::heart: