Francesco Biasia ~ Savings Up To 40%

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  1. Thanks! I'm shopping away!
    Also, I'm new here and have done some searching on TPF for more info: but why is there not a designated FB section?
  2. Welcome to the forum shayk! :yes:
    I'm not sure I understand your question though.
  3. Thanks!
    In the Designer List there is no FB listed, so I'm not sure how to get all of my FB info! Please let me know if there is something I'm missing!
  4. Duh!! Good grief, I must be slow today!! Even though we are on a Francesco Biasia thread that I started, I thought you were referring to feedback! Somebody wake me up please! Sorry dear! In answer to your question, it's because there aren't enough FB fans to warrant this brand having it's own forum. Perhaps eventually it will, but for now, you just have to search Deals & Steals or Handbags & Purses to find information. As I recall, there are quite a few threads along with pictures. I personally have two FB bags and although I love them both, one is a bit larger than I like.
  5. You're too funny - don't worry about it:smile:
    Oh well, I loooooove FB. They just seem to have a different spin to them. But you're right... they just don't seem to be hitting it big for some reason.
    I also have an FB bag that is slightly too big! Pathetically, I don't even remember the name! I got it last summer when I got sucked into this new world of handbags and didn't realize you should probably keep all of your tags.

    About the sale, I was thinking about getting one of the Ericas, just to kind of have a knock around overnight/beach bag. Do they look a little cheap to you? I mean, I know you get what you pay for (so inexpensive!), buuuuuut still.
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    I love me some FB too! I have 3 bags...Secret Love Ten (eggplant patent), Good Girl Hobo (black patent), and Lady Lou (black glazed leather). I'm going to peruse the sale right now! (I really want the Luna, but it's a bit more than I want to spend.)
  7. IMO, they're incredibly well least the two that I have are. I have the large Kimberly and Luna that I purchased during the fall from Editors Closet. Because I do the majority of my shopping online, it's difficult to comment on the other styles having not seen them IRL.
    Perhaps there's a PFer who has an Erica who can offer up an opinion.
  8. I totally agree with you about the Luna, cafire... I saw another member posted pics of theirs recently. It's so different and still classy.
    When people ask me about my bag and I tell them it's a Francesco Biasia they just kind of do the "huh?" thing - oh well!

    I loooove the Allison, but it's so funny how some of their bags just slightly differ in size. I noticed the Erica was the same way.
  9. I hope its ok to ask for help and FB authentication here. I think I really need your help.

    I purchased this 'lightly used' FB bag on ebay; It arrived today but doesn't look it was ever used. just slightly worn, with a few leather peels as mentioned in the auction,

    I'm not familiar with model/style names I think its adorable, but the leather doesn't feel as yummy as some of the forums descriptions. After a few tries adjusting the straps I got real discouraged and bee lined it to TPF.

    Unless it's me being a ditz, I can't keep the bag on my shoulder.
    The bag straps slide right out of the rings, first on one side then the other.. [This happens at any strap length except the very shortest, ] I'm not interested in wearing a bag at the tightest length with long straps flapping about.. sounds annoying at best.

    No matter what I do, the straps slide through the loops;:shrugs: first on one side and then the other and to the floor. [except Of course, when the straps are at their shortest length] The only bend I see in the leather is with the straps at the very shortest :cursing:

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    I'm at my wits end.

    I've uploaded images; below is the ebay auction # for more info..



    here's the auction info:

    ebay Item number: 120356733787
    Designer: Francesco Biasia
    Style: Leather Satchel
    Color: Silver
  10. bump :crybaby:
  11. I was wondering about this designer. There were a bunch of Biasia bags at TJ Maxx today for about 90 bucks - the leather felt really nice, but I didn't get one because I don't know really anything about FB.
  12. I'm no expert ,and I definitely don't know enough to authenticate any bag. That being said, this looks real enough to me both inside and out. I would guess that perhaps it's just a design flaw and that's why it was sold. How frustrating for you that must be!! Would it be possible to somehow have the straps stitched at a leather shop to prevent them from slipping? It's a beautiful bag!!!
  13. Thank you bagachondriac for responding. I agree the photos show a better quality handbag then what I've received. I'm wondering if the bag I received is the same bag in the photos.

    Here's the auction photo:

    Here is the handbag I received. What do you think?
  14. halfpiint....Were the pictures you've posted taken by you or are they from the auction you won?