1. Nordstrom Mall of America now has these new Styles from Francesco Biasia as well. Star Crazy 3 (Patent) $368. The Sharla's Show (Silver and Bronze) $490. The Butterfly Glam (Green, Black, Taupe, Chocolate) $328.
    Star Crazy 3 LG.JPG Sharla's Show LG.JPG Butterfly Glam LG.JPG
  2. ^^^ Do you work for the Nordstrom in Mall of America? I noticed your name is MOAbaggirl and all of your posts are about the Nordstrom in Mall of America. Advertising is generally frowned upon here.
  3. The butterfly bag is very cute.. but I looked it up on 328 for a bag that has absolutely no leather on it. Not even the handles, they're pvc.. the rest of the bag is nylon, no thanks!!!
  4. actually, SA's are totally allowed to post stock, just not contact info.
  5. MOAbaggirl, I'd be interested to know if you work for the Mall of America ... ? Or are you just a girl who's crazy about bags and the Mall of America? :smile:
  6. I really like the patent I wanted one for this fall but not invest too much since it's so "trendy" and a bid it patent leather?
  7. I'm not too crazy about these....
  8. I'm deeply in love with the large Sharla. It's the perfect bag for school but after purchasing my Paddy... I no longer have enough money to splurge on a bag that's almost $400. :[
  9. I've checked out their website and noticed that their designs seems to be inspired by Miu Miu, Balenciaga and others. It's a bit flashy but they seem well made. I actually like some of the designs in there but I'm not a animal print person. Also noticed the Diva Dream collections which is the limited edition ones and they seems nice. Think I should check out their boutique to see the bags IRL.

  10. Yes, I am an SA :smile: I just wanted to let you guys know what NORDSTROM has!!
  11. ^Thanks for sharing!
  12. That is so funny you say this because I was looking at that bag in person today and was debating between that and another all leather bag by FB. Suddnely I had a reality check and thought "Why should I spend this much on a non-leather bag?" I didn't even realize that the handles weren't even leather!
  13. not really for me either, but thanks for sharing!
  14. Usually I like FB bags. But I am not in love with these. Sorry :sad: