Francesco Biasia? My First?

  1. I LOVE bags and you girls have inspired me to make my very first "over $100" purchase. After browsing a bit I've come across Francesco Biasia and I really like a lot of their bags. What I'm looking for is a good bag to carry around with me to and from work since I have to use public transportation. Are there any Biasia that you girls have that you could recommend? Any other brands too that aren't horribly pricy. I love slouchy leather bags! Thanks!
  2. FB bags are beautiful and well priced! Also check out Kenneth Cole bags-like their Hole Hearted tote for $355 and The Let It Whip series for $248-
    KC_HK60034_blk_det.jpg KC_HK60138_blk_det.jpg
  3. I have the Let It Whip bag pictured on the right, and it's very nice. The leather is smooth and very durable, and it fits on my shoulder very comfortably.
  4. i love that tano bag!
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