Francesco Biasia in emerald green?

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  1. What do you think of the bag on the left below in the emerald green color shown on the right?

    I can't make up my mind if that shade of green is too bright for daily use...but I do love it!

    Thanks for any opinions!

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  2. Oh, this is hard! I love the bag too, and from previous experience of owning FB, I know the quality will be amazing, but . . . . Hmm, I know that colour would not work on a daily basis in my wardrobe and fear it might be a 'wow' occasional colour rather than a work horse everyday colour. It is stunning though - tell us more about what your 'everyday' style is like . . .
  3. I have several FB's and I absolutely love them! The quality is consistently great. I use them often and the bags all wear very nicely (i.e. the leather gets softer, the lining and hardware hold up).

    I work as an engineer in a male-dominated company. I get teased a lot about wearing high heels and changing my handbags almost everyday. :P I don't dress according to trends, etc. at work. I prefer more classic pieces. When I wear color, it's usually a solid shirt or skirt. I don't wear too many patterns.

    I love looking at all the colors of the Balenciaga bags - but sadly, that designer is out of my price range! It seems a lot of the Balenciaga girls wear their colorful bags everyday. I was hoping I could pull off a colorful FB bag!

    Any other opinions??
  4. Sorry, I like it but for me personally it's too in your face.
  5. I like the bag on the right-but I'm a "winter" and I love bright colors with dark jeans and black.:smile:
  6. I have actually found colored bags the most versatile in my closet since the colors I have go with all the neutrals (i.e., black, tan, brown, navy) and they don't clash with most of the colors in my wardrobe. I personally don't like mixing deeper brown and black tones so a colored bag is great for when I don't want to change out my bags a lot.

    Having said that, I personally wouldn't wear a bag that bright for everyday - especially to work. It would be a cute weekend bag - especially if you wear a lot of neutrals normally. I think more of a kelly or jade green would be more versitile and would go with more. It also wouldn't be quite as loud if you want a workhorse that can go to work.
  7. Here is a pic of my one and only Francesco Biasia; I love the color and the shape is so cute, but I have never once carried it. However when I saw the bag, I had to have it. I think that you will like to look and admire the bag, but am not sure how much you will actually use it. :sad:

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  8. I don't see why that color would be too bright (well, I love colorful and bright stuff so...), IMO it's gorgeous. ^__^ It would look great with neutral colors too.
  9. Becca - that bag is gorgeous!! i don't think i would be able to NOT carry that bag! haha

    i think i'm going to take the plunge and get it. i haven't been able to get it off my mind for the past 3 days! :P
  10. I think that bag is very pretty. I love the color, I don't think that everything has to match one's bag though I try not to clash too much.
  11. Then it was totally meant to be!! I go by the same thought process; 72 hours of lust and I turn to mush. :sweatdrop:

    Let us know when you have it!
  12. i think i've ever saw the bag you've mentioned (in green). I think it is quite nice. Love it.
  13. I received my FB yesterday from The condition of the bag was awful - I can't believe they even sent it to a customer. There were huge white discoloration spots on the back of the bag and the bag had dark streaks that looked like dirt in several places. I have been extremely disappointed with this experience with This is the 3rd time I've bought a bag through them and the other 2 times I had no problems. I tried to call them yesterday and the woman who answered the phone was unbelievably rude - she handed me off to someone else who was also extremely rude. Needless to say, the bag is going back and I doubt I'll use again, which is a shame because they have a great bag selection and good prices.

    About the bag though...besides the problems in the condition listed above, the bag was very nice. The green color is beautiful and the braided strap is very cool. The leather is stiffer and drier than other FB bags I've received (maybe because of the coloring process?) and the 'brass' hardware doesn't really feel brass. My other FB bags have really solid hardware and this bag didn't. The clasp on the front kept sticking shut and didn't feel like it was ever fully closed. I have another FB bag with the same closing mechanism so I know it's not supposed to be that way. Overall: :tdown:

    I'll still post some pictures later today when I get done work before I ship it back.