Francesca Biasia Bags question...

  1. i have recently been seducted by a bag from this line. :rolleyes: i would like to know if anyone has purchased - type of bag- from where- and is it a good quality bag? i can't find a website (odd) but can find some styles on Zappos.

    i love it -but i don't know anything about it.:shame:

    i also searched this section - there were a few mentions of some PF'ers liking the brand, but i would really like a few more details.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Beautiful bags, great leather. I have one and I love it but it is HEAVY.
  3. Fransesco Biasia is an Italy made handbag. I think they are gorgeous. We have their boutique here and I have checked some of their bags... leather is great and style is cute. I haven't bought one yet though, but I have one which handed by mom... she bought it in Italy before we have their boutique in my country, so the one I have the style is quiet old. You can check on their website for more details as well as for their latest models ( Also, if you are familiar with friendster, you can add fransesco as your friend and from there you can see their selection too ( Goodluck!
  4. thanks so much for the info. good history~ i love that! i will search the site. must be down now- i can't get on. will try. and i have no idea about friendster but will search!

  5. My friend has a bunch and they are BEAUTIFUL! Lovely leather and well made.
  6. I had one but returned it because it was too heavy and big for me. I'm still in mourning because I loved the quality of that bag--the leather and craftsmanship were great. Ones I've seen are actually made in China--probably the leather is from Italy though.

    My daughter has one--so cute!

    If you find one you like go for it--for the $$$ they are a steal.
  7. Those bags are most definitely underated!! I admire the quality and feel of the leather, the hardware is substantial and smooth, and their styles are absolutely beautiful. Plus, if you are lucky, your TJMaxx or Marshall's may have one from time to time for an excellent price. I have two bags and love them to death!!
  8. Do a search on Francesca Biasia. There have been several long and informative threads on these bags recently. One of them was mine asking the same question. ;)
  9. i have a biasia bag and yes, the leather is wonderful! i have a plum colored bag and love the color! usually you can find some at Nordstrom rack. :yes:
  10. There are two Biasia bags on my wish list - the Annie Rose and The Secret Love.

    I don't have any Biasia bags (yet!) but I've seen them in the stores and they're very well made, lovely leather, nice size... all around great bags at prices I can actually afford.
  11. Oh, and Zappos has a nice selection of Biasia bags at good prices and they often offer free shipping and are really great about returns.
  12. hello all and thanks. so my research revealed they are an italian company for 30 years. that seems quite respectable to me. i admire their personal growth as to the fact that they are not sold on elux, Neimans, saks, etc....

    i will be buying my bag. its called the star and its in white patent leather- and a truly beautiful white patent leather that doesn't crack! unbelievable but true. im choosing this over the ivory epi montaigne gm! will test it out for myself. ;)

    prada psycho- i did search and i got 3 threads. none of them yours. some times the internet is not a relaible source! thanks again.