France's Sarkozy marries Bruni at the Elysee


    PARIS (Reuters) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy married supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni at the Elysee Palace on Saturday, just three months after they started dating, French officials and family said.

    The pair tied the knot at a low-key, civil ceremony conducted by the mayor of the Paris district that houses the president's grandiose official residence.
    "I married two voters ... who live at 55 Rue du Faubourg St Honore," Mayor Francois Lebel told Europe 1 radio, giving the official address of the Elysee.
    "The bride was wearing white and was ravishing, as usual," he said, adding: "The bridegroom wasn't bad either."
    Another official told Reuters the wedding took place at 11 a.m. (5 a.m. EST) and Italian news agency ANSA quoted Bruni's mother, Marisa Borini, as confirming the event.
    Sarkozy's spokesman declined to comment.
    Sarkozy and Bruni indicated last month that they planned to marry after a whirlwind romance and made clear that it would be a private affair, far from the eyes of the press.
    Their relationship has been splashed across the media and Sarkozy's popularity ratings have plunged in recent weeks, with voters complaining that the president was focusing too much on his private life and not enough on the country's many problems, including rising prices and flagging consumer confidence.
    Now they are wed, Sarkozy might find it easier to manage the relationship because Bruni will become the first lady of France and will start traveling with him on his many overseas trips.
    Lebel said the wedding took place in a room on the first floor of the Elysee Palace and lasted about 20 minutes.
    "There were around 20 people there, close family and a few friends," he said. The mayor said the last French head of state to marry while in office was Napoleon III in 1853.
    Sarkozy, 53, separated from his second wife Cecilia last October following an 11-year marriage and just five months after winning power. His colleagues said he was deeply upset by the divorce.
    However, friends say he started seeing 40-year-old Bruni the following month and they were photographed visiting Paris Disneyland together in December. They then spent the Christmas holidays together in Egypt and Jordon.
    Photos of the glamorous couple sparked a media backlash against Sarkozy, who was widely described as "president Bling Bling," obsessed by the rich and famous. One opposition leader dubbed him a modern-age Louis XIV, France's "Sun King."
    Their quickfire relationship also surprised many in his entourage.
    Bruni, 40, has been portrayed as a man-eater in the press and has previously been linked with rock stars Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, as well as U.S. businessman Donald Trump and French former Socialist Prime Minister Laurent Fabius.
    While she is a well-known leftist sympathizer, Sarkozy is a right-winger, viewed as a law and order hardliner.
    Sarkozy's own mother urged him not to re-marry after his divorce and Bruni herself has spoken out against marriage. "I'm monogamous from time to time, but I prefer polygamy and polyandry," she told the Figaro Madame magazine a year ago.
    She has a son from a previous relationship, while Sarkozy has two grown-up sons from his first marriage, and a third son from his marriage to Cecilia.
    Bruni threw a surprise birthday party for Sarkozy last week at her plush Paris home and friends say the pair are extremely happy together.
    RTL radio said Sarkozy's witness at the wedding was Nicolas Bazire, a senior figure in the LVMH luxury goods group, while Bruni's witness was Mathilde Agostinelli, head of communications at Prada France.
    The radio station also quoted Bernadette Chirac, wife of previous French President Jacques Chirac, as saying getting married at the Elysee, the president's official residence, was "a wonderful thing."
    "I want to express all my best wishes to this new household. She is very, very beautiful," she added.
  2. that's the fastest courtship on record for a politico - some 4 mos since his divorce was announced .... there have been rumors in the French press for a few weeks that there would be a shotgun wedding...

    shame, he has lost a lot of cred over this amourette - and he seemed to be doing some good
  3. I wonder if she's pregnant ?
  4. That was fast! Maybe we'll hear about a bouncing happy bundle soon!
  5. I like Mrs Bruni, but i don't think she is the right person to be the First Lady of France...
    Sorry for my pessimistic, but i don't think this marriage will be long.
  6. OMG !!!:wtf: haha I´m French and I get the news here, scandalous !!!
    I love the "He was deeply upset by his divorce" when he remarries less than 6 months after !!
  7. Well, seems kinda fast to me, but wish them all the best. Although I doubt it will last. They know each other for such a short time.
  8. Maybe now he can concentrate on doing politics - at last. Although I'm afraid that the next big headlines in France will be "Sarkozy separated after only xx months of marriage..."
    Regina :sad:
  9. All the best!
  10. Wow. Just wow.
  11. That's the first thing I thought of too ! :push:
  12. Yeah, and she never married the father of her son - the father who was the son of the man she lived with... (she had an amourette with her roommate's son, her son is the grandson of the man she lived with... )

    Did you get that LOL ??? Shades of Mia/Woody Allen

  13. He's a coward.
  14. I actually think they make a lovely couple.
  15. Whaaattt????:wtf: