1. OK, Ladies and Gents!

    One of my best friend's is going to France this upcoming Summer and asked me what I'd like her to bring me back!

    Seeing as how I have never been to France, I didn't know what to say! This is where you lovely traveling TPF'ers come in! :graucho: I mean anything she brings me back is going to be thoughtful and great, but she asked for specifics. :push:

    So what do you think? Any special chocolates? Perfumes? Handbags!? :nuts: (j.k) Any must have souvenirs?

  2. A Gerard Darel handbag! Those darn things are almost impossible to buy here in the US!
  3. I lived in Paris during undergrad (semester and summer abroad) ... I can't think of anything specific.

    You've got a great friend, though!
  4. This is random, but I LOVE french mustard. It's really spicy and delicious! I always bring some back with me! The brand I got is Amora and the label is red and says Moutarde de dijon. It's a million times better than grey poupon! If you like mustard...try it!
  5. I love Fragonard Perfume because they smell lovely. You can also order them online though.
  6. Handbag, mustard and perfume!

    I think the handbag may be a bit much but i looked it up and it's gorgeous!
    I LOVE mustard so that's going on the list. :yes:
    And i'll look in to the perfume!

    Thanks for the responses so far guys! Keep them coming!
  7. They have THE BEST syrup stuff that you put in wine or champagne to make it taste amazing....I can't think of the name of it. Someone help me out! You should def get some of that....I'll try to remember!
  8. is it creme de cassis?
  9. Laduree macaroons
  10. The champagne drink you mention is "Kir royal" and yes it´s creme de cassis !

    The most famous and luxurious "epicerie fine" are "FAUCHON" or "HÉDIARD". Good for macarons and chocolates. As a French living abroad what I miss the most is "Fois gras" and the "LU" biscuits !!

    As for perfumes get something from "Serge Lutens" french parfumeur. very unique.

    The French luxury brands are also a bit cheaper than in US (LV, Chanel, Dior, Hermes) and you can get some VAT back. ->need to check with the Euro-dollar value at the moment....

    The parisian girls adore the "Vanessa Bruno" handbags (not that expensive), and brands like "Paul and Joe".