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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone please explain to me the difference between a LV bag made in France and one made in USA. Is one preferred?
    Sorry if this is a common topic, I just don't have time to search.
  2. Its all the same. Neither is better then the other. For some strange reason some people have issues and have to have bags made in france..

    All I care about is that it is authentic, doesnt matter if its made in USA,france or paris/spain.
  3. There's no difference in quality but some people prefer to buy the European-made bags becuase they're more in line with LV's French heritage. The USA bags are made in San Dimas, CA and are sold exclusively to the US market, so you'll only see them here.

    I myself only buy the European-made items- it's harder but you can generally track one down for pretty much any bag.
  4. I see~ that makes sense. Thank you very much for clearing that up for me. :yes::okay: Now I may carry on hunting down my *perfect* speedy!! Thank you again. :flowers:
  5. Unfortunately, I have been trying to find a damier azur 30inch speedy made in France for the past year with no luck. It appears that when I bag is first released the early shipments are from france after that all we get are made in the USA
  6. I was told the ONLY way to get a "French Speedy" new in the US is if you happen to get a return from France. I don't know if that's true but my SA told me that. She said all Speedy's sold in the US are made in the US. If you really want a French speedy, call the 866 Vuitton number and ask them. Keep in mind you can most likely find a nice used one on eBay.
  7. It's the same for me. I don't care where my bag was made as long as it's authentic.
  8. This is good to know..thanks for the info ValleyO, and funny to learn about the San Dimas factory, I live very close to that city.
  9. nice ot know this info...i would PREFER my bag to be from france:tup:
  10. I also wanted my Azur speedy to be from France. But the SAs at South Coast plaza were so busy at the time, they even forgot my lock. From now on, I like them to be either from France or Spain.
  11. it seems that many people here prefer one from France, but I honestly don't think it makes a difference.
  12. It may not make a difference.. but I too, prefer the ones made in France/Spain.
    The stock in Canada is European so I never usually have a problem.
    Ironically, my first LV, a mono speedy 25 bought while on vacation in Maui is made in USA! LOL
  13. i prefer "made in france" LVs. i have one USA-made handbag, the bh, and it took many returns through elux before i received one in brand new condition.

    area all bh (sold in USA) made in America?
  14. I might be the only one who prefer "made in USA" LVs, especially when purchase from eBay. There are too many of fake LVs with “made in France” heat stamp, but haven’t seen any “made in USA” fake around.
  15. I don't think that there is any difference in the quality or workmanship. I'm not terribly particular but I'm extra pleased when I see that something was made in France. Maybe it seems more in line with LV being a French company?

    I read somewhere on here that small leather goods are often made in Spain as those factories (workshops?) produce really good work on the smaller items. :smile: My smaller items (cles, wallet, wapity...) are all made in Spain.
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