France vs. Italy-request from our elegant Italian friends!

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  1. SO, I have a bit of a question. My charming assistant/translator in Milano has proposed a bet (in a round about way). If Italy happens to win, I am requested to offer a lovley bottle of French Cognac. I don't know what to ask for if France takes the Cup. Austi? mais, non! it is not really something to compare! I need some suggestions! help!:yahoo:
  2. how about a handbag ? :P
    just kidding hon....
  3. you see, this is what I was thinking!
  4. or something smaller maybe.. like a wallet :P
    we're all bags crazy here, and this is what i think i want from a bet.
    i won an lv wallet from my bf's cousin on a bet :roflmfao:
  5. uh hu, if I ask for that, he might ask for a raise!:crybaby:
  6. ha ha ha.... if he's cute, why don't u ask him for a dinner :graucho:
  7. Ok, Italy fortunately won (I'm so happy about this!!!), so you have to offer a bottle of French cognac ;) Lucky your assistant!
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