France Luxe handmade hair ornaments, anyone?

  1. I just changed my hairstyle, and I was browsing online for some nice barrettes and headbands to compliment it. I came across France Luxe hair ornaments. According to the site, they are handmade, high quality, and sold at such stores as Saks, Henri Bendel, and Anthropologie. Many of them are absolutely gorgeous, but they are also quite pricey! Does anyone own any of these? Are they as good as they look?
  2. I haven't tried that brand, but when I was at Ulta last week they had ones identical to these for ~$5. Ulta is where I buy all of mine...

  3. Yes, I had bought some hair combs a few years ago, and they are still holding strong (and very pretty).
  4. That one is gorgeous!! Maybe it will go on sale or you can find a code for a store that carries it? If not I think it would be worth $18 since it's so unusual. For the plainer ones I wouldn't pay more than ~$10 but for something special I would.

    And I love Ulta too! I could seriously spend forever in that store lol!
  5. That's the first I've heard of them, but their website is really nice. I've chosen a few things I want to order. I especially like the headbands and some of the pony tail holders.