France/Italy, LV prices


Jan 5, 2006
Does anyone know/remember?

From memory, LV has always been cheapest in Paris. Can anyone remember roughly how much more expensive Italy is? For example, Dublin is a good 10% plus more expensive. Me and my memory, I can't remember, and I'm going back to Italy in a few weeks, and wonder whether it's worth my while getting my new LV there, or from Dublin? (or just jetting to Paris for the weekend! heheh)

Many thanks!

From what i remember, the difference between Paris and Italy is very minimal --like 5% cheaper in Paris. I used to think that the rest of Europe would have the same standard price, i guess im wrong. Gucci, likewise, is cheapest in Firenze....
I bought my Cerises Speedy in Italy back in July. It was $765 Euros but they gave me back $95 Euros (vat tax) at the duty free booth, so it was $675. E The exchange rate at the time was good at $1.00 US = $118 E, so my purse came to $796 (about $200 less than US retail price)
As far as I can remember, it's cheaper in Dubai, not sure how much though. I bought the musette tango (short strap) there for GBP260 7 years ago, and it's now GBP340.