France Designer Outlets

  1. I am going to France in the middle of August and I was wondering if anyone knows of any Designer Outlets or Outlets that sale designer merchandise? I am looking for Dior (handbags) and Chanel (handbags).
  2. Hello! I dont know if they have Chanel and Dior for sure but def brands like Givency, Lacroix, Agnes B. La Vallee Village, about 35 minutes outside of Paris (about 75 luxe boutiques or so). Good luck!
  3. Which region of France are you going?

    There is Marques Avenue and Cité Europe in Calais, close to the entry point of the Chunnel. They don't have the high designer stuff (Givenchy, Lacroix, Dior, etc.) but they do have Gerard Darel, Zadig & Volatiare, Agnes B, Biche de Bere etc.... There are other locations of Marques avenue in France as well...

    If you're in the South of France, you can check out the town of Romans, which is the leather capital of France. They have all the shoe outlets for Robert Clergerie, Stephane Kelian, etc. there. I'll be going there in September :shame:
  4. I will start my trip in Cannes, Monaco and St. Tropez and than I will be in Paris for most of the trip.
  5. Thanks for your help.
  6. thank you for your help
  7. Didier Ludot, locatedin the passages in the Palais Royal, carries vintage couture.
  8. man, this is just another excuse to travel to france!!
  9. I am definately going to stop by when I am in Paris I love vintage couture.:wlae:
  10. They also carry a very cute brand of their own (new items) called Little Black Dress. Need I say more?
  11. I'm going to Paris in January (yes, i know i'm early but it never hurts to plan ahead!) I'm planning to make a trip to Didier Ludot. Has anyone been there? How are their prices? Are their items authentic?