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  1. I am interested in getting a Fran. However, I would like to get it in a brown shade such as Carob Brown or Cardamom Brown. I can't seem to find any Frans in these colour (except for Cardamom Brown online and it's highly priced on certain sites and shipping is quite high to where I live)! Can anyone tell me whether these two colours are now discontinued or if I am still able to get them, especially the Carob Brown. Also, is there a difference between Carob Brown or Cardamom Brown? Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  2. I'm a newbie who is also on the hunt for a Fran, although not in those colors. I've seen a cardamom brown, new with tags Fran on ebay for $348. Is that more or less than the prices you've seen? I'm not sure where you are, so maybe it's the shipping that's the deal-breaker. :smile: That same seller has only Hilliers in the carob brown, and in comparing the two colors, they look almost identical. I guess I'm basically no help at all. haha :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the reply! :biggrin: The deal breaker is that I would not only have to pay for steep shipping, but I'd also have to pay for taxes/customs to ship across the border...I'd might as well just make a trip down south and buy the bag. Good excuse to go shopping ha! Yes, both colours look practically identical to me, but who knows?! Good luck on your Fran hunt! Which one are you planning to get?

    Oh, and the one you found for $348 on ebay doesn't seem to ship to where I I guess I'm out of luck! But thanks again!
  4. carob is a brown with cool undertones whereas cardamom is much more wine colored, rather than brown.
  5. Oh, yes, I forgot about taxes and customs. Sorry. It looks like Neiman Marcus had the cardamom brown on clearance for $201 (although they're sold out now), but Saks and the MJ site are both selling them for $448. Yikes. It would be painful to pay full whack when I knew someone else had bought one for less than half the price, but that's just me. I really wanted an electric blue Fran but missed the clearance sale and now I can only find them on ebay for $300 and up. So I gave up on that dream.

    I thought that ebay seller shipped worldwide, so strike 2 for me!:smile:

    I am considering a Fran in violet. I should get one in black, but they never go on sale, and $448 is out of my budget at the moment. I'm very, very frugal (well, cheap really...), so I'm hunting for bargains on ebay. I don't live near anywhere that sells MJ, so I can't see one in real life, and I'm afraid it'll be too small for my needs. If I can get one for a terrific deal, I'll feel better about it if it isn't the handbag of my dreams.

    I hope you find your brown Fran! I did see a cardamom one on Bonanza that is $311.54, but I couldn't tell from the listing if she'll ship internationally. Strike 3. ;)
  6. Thank you! I'd seen cardamom described as purple, but the carob was a mystery to me and my monitor was no help. :smile:
  7. Thanks for the clarification! :biggrin: I'm more interested in Carob now knowing this, but sadly I don't think anywhere sells them anymore. So I guess I'm sticking with Cardamom.
  8. It also bothers me knowing that someone else paid less than half for the bag I want. Even if I were to get the bag on sale from NM, I'd still pay over $300 due to dollar conversion, shipping and taxes/customs. Oh, I'm sorry that you weren't able to get the Fran of your dreams! I have seen a number of violet around, so you might have a better chance of getting it as a deal compared to electric blue. Hope you find a great deal on the violet! :biggrin: I find it pretty awesome how you can pull off such bold colours! I'm jelly ha!

    For some reason, I can't see myself with a black Fran. Maybe it's because I already own a black Natasha and many other black bags... I went on Bonanza to look at the bag and the seller says that she does ship international, however, I would have to pay customs at my door. Which is such a hassle since the custom amount varies! Ebay is also a bit iffy for me. One seller is selling it for around $381 and the shipping is around $61 and it doesn't even include the customs! :shocked: Which makes it way over $448!
  9. Yes, I'm no shrinking violet when it comes to color. Ha. I have convinced myself that the violet Fran will go with everything in my closet. I mostly wear black, white, and gray, so that's not difficult to do. Also, I had twins in 2012, and so I figure that a bright bag will distract from the baby weight that I'm still carrying around. :lol:

    I really hope you find your brown Fran! I've got alerts set up on ebay and I saw a cardamom one listed yesterday starting at $278. I can't imagine not knowing how much I'd have to pay until a package arrived at the door, so I get why you'd want to avoid that scenario. I hope you post a reveal once you find one! :smile:
  10. I think the violet would go fantastic with your wardrobe and I'm sure you look fine! Ooo twins are adorable and bet they're a bundle of joy! :biggrin:

    I didn't even know you could set up alerts on ebay! I'll go look into that after this reply. Thanks for the update; I did see it but I added everything up and did the currency conversion and it turned out to be over $400...and it's also an auction, so the price might increase to well over the initial $400.

    I sure will post it when I get my hands on one. If not, I'm just crossing my fingers that MJ comes out with another brown similar to carob and cardamom! You should definitely post when you get your violet Fran! Best of luck! :biggrin:
  11. Anyone interested in the Fran in Cardamom Brown or Cement, it is on sale at Bloomingdales for $313.60 plus 20% if you are a Loyalist member.
  12. Yes, I saw that today but thanks anyways! :biggrin: When it's converted to my currency and when shipping and duties are added, the bag is a bit over $400...

  13. Its on sale on bloomingdales in Cardamom brown!! Its 30% off with an additional 15% off - they must ship to you!! :biggrin:

    I will say the cardamom brown is a red brown - almost burgundy - but I LOVE this color
  14. I just saw this :sad: - sorry - do you have a nordstrom or store that would price match where you are?
  15. Unfortunately I don't have any of those stores I'm pretty much out of luck.