Framing Your Favorite Scarf

  1. has anyone here framed any of their H scarves as artwork?? and if so, which one?? i'm thinking about doing this one day.....
  2. I have 2 Kermit Oliver Chief Pani scarves framed and mounted on my wall. I meant to take a picture of them and put it in the members section, but forgot. It is too late now, but will do it tomorrow.
  3. does it damage them? I'm copying sofibella and framing Les Triples for the girls'rooms, but will they be able to use it in the future??
  4. They can be framed in a fashion so that it is easy to remove them and put them back inside the casing. The former manager of my Hermes had hers framed, but would occassionally remove them and wear them and then place them back inside. As for general wear, my framers PROMISED me that there would be no damage done to the scarve and that they could be used if I did ever decide to use them again. In my case, however, the Chief is a style that I would prefer to have as art and not wear.
  5. thanks sarah!
  6. Ugh, a reminder that I STILL need to find a good framer for 2 scarves I've been dying to frame!
  7. ^^24, if you're on the West Coast, there's a highly reputable framer I know of who helped frame some Hard Rock memorabilia and serves all the high-end hotels; they've been around for so long in Los Angeles. I've been considering framing a scarf as well and will probably talk to them about it, although they are a bit on the pricey side, but are experts in their field. PM me if you want the info.
  8. If you do frame a scarf, please remember to hang it in a place where there is no sunlight, and perhaps even avoid reflected sunlight. Framing may reduce the chances of ketchup, baby drool etc but it will increase fading. It is also very important that you remember to post pictures of these works of art in situ!!!
  9. Here are a few pictures of mine, they are up high, so it is hard to get a good angle, sorry! In terms of the sun, I did open the shades in order to take the pictures, but usually keep them closed at all times so the light rarely touches them. I tried to make sure that they were out of they light.

  10. So pretty Sarah! :flowers:
  11. Thanks CB! I am sorry that it is so hard to see them, but the bed is really large and they are up high.....I appreciate it. There is beautiful detail in the scarf itself, the face of the Chief is lovely.
  12. very pretty! thanks for posting your pix^^
  13. Thanks so much, Orchids! My Mother has 3 of the Chiefs (in different colorways though) framed in her home and I will try to remember to take a pictured of hers, because I will be able to get up close to those.
    I can't get over how beautiful your Saphire Blue Birkin is in your avatar, it is always such a pleasure to see it!
  14. wow sarah!! that is sooooooooo neat to see ur scarves framed like that!!! i think it's such a great idea. thanks for sharing pics. I LOVE IT!!!
  15. Thanks Sarah-girl!:shame: Now I just need to find a suitable scarf to frame! :yes: