Scarves Framing/displaying scarf

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  1. This is beautiful! I don't really wear silk scarves but always love admiring their patterns. Maybe now I have an excuse to buy scarves. Do you think the framing would be be easy enough to DIY?
  2. Thank you! I don’t wear silks either, but just loved this one! I had no idea about doing it yourself. I bet it can be done. They used fabric tape and stretched it really right. I wouldn’t have the first clue - honestly wasn’t terrible expensive though. I got museum glass and linen matting and it was about $300 to frame. It turned out being 44”x44”
  3. It turned out beautifully! You chose a nice spot to hang it, too.
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  4. I wanted to share the results of my Exceptional Tigre Royale Bandana scarf that was purchased at the Carre Club event. I want to especially thank @HKsai who was terrific in explaining the process of stitching the scarf to the mat. I was so buoyed by the success of his scarf framing, I hoped for a similar outcome on mine.

    A local frame shop with excellent reviews was commissioned with the framing and I shared numerous photos from this thread and from @HKsai. They were a bit concerned about the challenge of sewing the scarf down, but having viewed alternate options we agreed to do the sew down to mat effect. We chose a greater depth frame a la shadow box style (about 1” deep) and the white silk mat is a close color to the bandana border. Super pleased with the final results and hope others share more success stories!

    The original scarf unframed from the Carre Club event

    Final framed silk
    I will take detail photos in the morning when the light is better.
  5. Omg, that is so incredibly beautiful, @lanit !!!
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  6. Congrats Lanit! It’s gorgeous! I’m inspired!
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  7. This is so so so gorgeous!!! It turned out exceptional :coolio: You are so very sweet. :love: I’m glad I could help!!!!! I showed my mom and her jaw literally dropped!!! :eek: For both the scarf and the framing. :hugs:
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  8. Thanks so much Joanna, hannahsophia and Hsai! This thread helped enormously with the results!
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  9. Hi Bay Area H lovers! If you have a trusted scarf framer, please let me know, looking to frame my scarves. Thank you!
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