Scarves Framing/displaying scarf

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  1. Ya that is what they told me. If I wrap I will lose the orange boarder and I don’t want to do that at all! It is currently stretched tight and has no wrinkles or sags, but just isn’t perfectly straight. Ugh, I guess I’ll just go with the version that the mat overlaps so it’s not so obvious? It’s so stunning I want to do it justice.Better picture of the overlapping below: IMG_3298.jpg
  2. It looks really nice! From a distance, you really don’t notice that the edges are a tad wavy. I think you should go with the overlapping mat
  3. Ok! Thank you very much for the input. I’ll be sure to post the final result.
  4. I had to send mine in three times. Did they stitch all the way down the edge? It looks like it was just stretch on certain points. Most of my scarves were able to be re stretch to straighten the edge. Except my ugo one was just a bit wavy at the bottom.
  5. No stitching. They used fabric tape. They said for the larger scarves there is risk of pulling threads and damage if you pin or sew. Is this not correct?
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  6. I honestly have no idea. I had all of mine stitched to the mat :whut:
  7. My first attempt hanging a 140 cashmere... maybe a bit heavy, but it does go with the wall...

  8. It might help if you buy another set and put on at the top? Would it help?
  9. That’s what I was thinking - it really needs one more at the top. But it would look odd if I only put one up top and too busy if I add the rest on the remaining sides. It’s fine with the 140 silks. Living with it for now while I think it over.
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  10. I have exactly the same scarf that I’m planning on getting framed! What colour frame did you go with?

    In regards to the straightness of the edge, my mother framed ‘Into the Canadian Wild’ last year and I believe the framer placed the matting underneath the scarf, so as not to lose any hem. Is that an option for your framer?
  11. It’s done!!! ️ came out very good and I look forward to doing some more! IMG_3317.jpg IMG_3325.jpg
  12. Looks great!!!!
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  13. Looks amazing!
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  14. Love this. Seems like this is the most popular scarf to frame. I bought the pocket square version for the sole purpose of framing.
  15. I saw it on here and fell in love. It certainly is a unique and fun “story” being told in the scarf! I will now be stalking H for some more patterns I love!
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