Scarves Framing/displaying scarf

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  1. how funny, I have exactly the same.:smile:

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  2. it is a beautiful piece! Great minds think alike!
  3. So it seems that I have ‘taken one for the team’ here.

    DH loved the 90cm scarf display so much he suggested I purchase another to display 140s.

    The instruction booklet includes hanging dimensions for both 90s and 140s - although I have never seen a 140 displayed with the H system.

    Guess what? There’s a reason for that.

    I used the same handyman to hang both, but whereas the 90 setup took no time, the 140 took an hour.

    It seems that all H did was extrapolate the dimensions for hanging a 140. But the actual materials require a stronger design. Each time I tried to hang the 140, either the magnets would slide off or the coil broke. We broke three coils before I gave up on using them. We tried moving the anchors too, to places where the 140 would display as flat as possible without losing a coil/magnet (the suggested dimensions did not work).

    The problem is that the tension required to hang a 140 evenly between the anchors is much stronger than that needed for a 90. So the system needs stronger coils. This is a huge design flaw on H’s part and I plan to let them know!

    I did find an easy workaround, though - gray hairbands. The thicker version (the thin ones stretch out too much to provide sufficient tension). Not thrilled with this outcome, but I paid $600+ for this and I didn’t want to look at plain anchors on my wall!

    This was before I switched to gray -


    My workaround - wall to be fixed later today -

  4. I've been enjoying seeing everyone's scarf displays. Does it reduce the lifetime of the scarf? ie, fading /degradation from light exposure?
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  5. #50 Aug 25, 2018
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    Just got these back from the framers. They are still working on the Della Cavalleria Favolosa and act 3.

    Ps: I apologize the lighting is so yellow. I still have to ask people to mount it in the living room.

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  6. Finally have time to put the three up! Now only waiting for the last one. I do have to send one of them back because of the ripples on the bottom

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  7. I promise this is the last one for a while! Just got the last one back from the framer. Just want to share :love:

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  8. They are all very lovely. Did you use a local framer (or one from a national chain)? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Wow, these are so stunning!
  10. They have like 3 branches and each branch has like 3-7 locations. They are all in the Pacific Northwest.
    Thank you so much!
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  11. I look like a dork in 90's so I frame all of of them. This picture does do it justice since the lighting is horrible and was taken before it got hung.

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  12. Super excited - finally found the scarf I wanted and it’s being framed! Will report back when it’s done!
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  13. Need some help here - going to frame Space Shopping and the art place I brought the scarf can’t get it perfectly straight. They do lots of these allegedly and apparently this is a thing with scarfs. Who knew. If it isn’t and I should find someone else let me know! Anyway, I need advice. I can either place the matting over the edge of the scarf to smooth the look of the edge, but it definitely isn’t straight. Or, I can place the matting close to but not overlapping the scarf boarder. Advice welcome! IMG_3301.jpg IMG_3300.jpg
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  14. I’ve had several scarves framed over the years, and with the smaller pochettes, the framer stretched the silk and stitched it directly to the board along the rolled hem. The edges stay fairly straight that way. With the 90cm scarves, the silk is too heavy and large for that sort of stitching. They wrap the hem around the backside of the board and lace the edges together across the back of the board with long stitches. This keeps the silk taut with no sagging. I think you might have to go that route, or hide the uneven edges with the mat. Either way, they need to stretch the silk tighter to keep it from sagging in parts. The distortion is more obvious with this design where there’s that straight edge so close to the frame. Hopefully they can figure it out because that’s a great scarf for framing!
  15. On closer look, you might lose the orange border if they wrap the scarf around the board, so that’s something to consider, but it might look better than an uneven edge.