Scarves Framing/displaying scarf

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  1. Hi ladies and gents! I bought my first H scarf yesterday. I saw the seasonal jaguar silk scarf and I would love to get one to display it in my room. I did some research and found out that people either frame it or use the magnet display system. I understand that sunlight can eventually lightens the color. I’m wondering if I should find a framer to frame it or just do the display system. Another question is that I understand the 140 shawls are cashmere silk mixed. Can they be used with the display system? They are more stretchy than the women silk scarf. Any insight and suggestions would be appreciated :smile:
  2. I bought the hanging system for my room and the scarf is not exposed to sunlight. I thought of displaying the scarves in so many different ways but came back to the hanging system so I could rotate and use or display them. The hanging system provides measurements to display the 140 shawls so they are also meant for the hanging system.
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  3. Now I'm struggling to figure out how to hang it high enough that hopefully my cat won't try to snatch it :sad:
  4. I totally understand. I factored that in and ended up hanging mine at work. Our cat jumps nearly 6’ to attach herself to some fabric blinds we have to look out a window.
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  5. Russian blue, right? They are playful...

    Maybe the OP would be better to display her scarf behind a glass to avoid any problems with her cat ;)
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  6. Haha he/him and my four cats I just find the female scarves more fun to display. Which color is your favorite??
  7. I’m sorry I don’t understand? You’re asking me which color is my favorite... in cats or scarves??

    If it’s cats: my one and only love for the past 18 years has been my Russian blue... so gray ;)

  8. Yes, she is a Russian Blue. I also think if I wait a few years she may mellow out a bit and I will buy another scarf hanging system for my home. DH thinks that she would not climb it because it would be up against a wall as opposed to a window. I like that the vibrant colors and detail are easy to see with the scarf hanging system. A frame with glass might create glare depending on the surrounding light situation.
  9. I highly recommend framing it, especially if you don't mind encasing it (vs. being able to easily detach and use it if you were to use the hanging system). It looks beautiful on a frame, and you can use "conservation" glass to protect the work from 99% of UVA/UVB rays that can lighten the color over time. It's also easier to move and rehang in other parts of the room vs. having to move the entire hanging system around. Good luck!
  10. Both! Mostly about the scarf :smile:
  11. I am considering the scarf hanging system as well.
    There is a great thread on it here:

    Pros: Easy to change scarves, they still can be worn, you can do seasonal themes, good way to take photographs of them
    Cons: The scarves seem to sag after some time (look at some of the pictures or the display scarves at the H stores), the magnets leave imprints when you leave the same scarf on the wall for long time, prone to fading, cat scratches...

    If you want to check the look on your wall you can try a printout and use push pins (depending on the wall).

    Please keep us updated...
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  12. Here is a pic of mine

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  14. Thank you!
  15. This is exactly what I need in my life. Simply stunning!!!!!!
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