Framed Slim envelope Wallet???

  1. I like my Wallets to match my Handbags -- I am currently using a Acorrdian Zip around Wallet in Khaki.

    I just bought a Medium Cotton Denim Carly and was wondering if anyone has the Framed Slim Envelope Wallet and how they like it? Does it hold up to 12 credit cards with no problems? Are there any problems closing the turnlock with all the credit cards?

    I love my zip around wallet - it holds so much but it doesn't match my New Denim Carly.

  2. That wallet went to the outlets last month. I have the same wallet in the legacy leather. I like it alot. The other wallet I migrate to is the Dooney Double Zip Organizer Wallet. I have it in AWL.
  3. The framed wallet is incredible! When we first got them in i wanted to test out the strength and I could fit a ton of cards, plus a small phone (razr) in it!
  4. I don't have this wallet, but I love it. The only think I don't like about it is no checkbook holder. Other than that, I love the look of that styling, and I love that you can put all of your credit cards/cards out and not have to jam 3-4 of them in one slot. I had a khaki/ebony one for a few days, but sold it. I sold the bag it went to and couldn't justify the cost of the wallet. Let us know if you get it!! :tup:
  5. It's a very nice wallet but I'm so spoiled on wristlets that I didn't like not having a strap so I sold it on eBay.
  6. I have this wallet in Legacy leather, also. I love it. It's a larger wallet that fits a lot of cards but, because of the way it's constructed, it never gets bulky. I love it and highly recommend it. :yes:
  7. Post pictures please!
  8. of you new bag, I meant, the wallet just loaded on my computer after i posted. sry
  9. Heres what my new Carly looks like-:rolleyes: