Frame Purses

  1. I've bought 6 purses in less than 2 months and although I got great deals on all of them, I am still wanting one more thing RIGHT NOW.
    My new purses are all slouchy leather and I love it but I wanted to shake up my collection a little with something more structured.
    I am in love with the new frame bags, esp with the kiss lock openings.

    I was going to post and ask for inexpensive suggestions when I ran across this at JCPenney.


    It comes in camel and nut as well. The colors look strange on the website but it's leather and a great price.

    What do you think?

    I'm also accepting other suggestions! ;)
  2. i like the design, not sure about the leather and i think if the handles a bit shorter it would be great :P
  3.'re right. I'm not crazy about the long handles.
  4. i'm not sure about the price, but these are great frme bags for me :P
    dolce & gabbana, miss waterloo
    marc jacobs karen pyhton
    zac posen
    miu miu frame bag
  5. Excuse me while I drool.:drool:
    Those are my DREAM frame bags! lol

    I'm looking for something chic but cheap. ;)
  6. don't worry, i'm also drooling while attaching those :roflmfao:
  7. Have you considered vintage bags?
  8. I love the D&G one!
  9. That's a great idea. Someone posted some great ones on another thread that I liked!
  10. i agree with rose...
    try to find vintage frame bags... there's lots of choices, try ebay maybe?
  11. Could that have been me?:graucho:
  12. Hahaha! It could have been! ;)

    I was too lazy to go back and see who it was. LOL

    Did you find those on ebay?
  13. No, I'm scared of ebay! I'll pm you the website.
  14. OrangeMe - Shop Chic!

    Someone posted this bag earlier in another thread...I know it's still quite pricey but if you want to save, I think this is a really pretty frame bag!