Frame or non-frame MJ bags?


Do you prefer the frame or non-frame MJ bags?

  1. I prefer the MJ bags with a frame, like the Stam

  2. I prefer the MJ bags without a frame, like the Blake

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  1. I know this is a tough question. But from both an aesthetic and an everyday use standpoint, do you prefer the frame bags by Marc Jacobs (Stam, Karen) or the non-frame bags (soft calf Blake, Venetia, Multipocket, Sophia?)
  2. I voted for non-frame. I think the stam and other frame bags look gorgeous, but I have trouble with the kisslocks and have to dig around a lot more to find stuff. I am too low-maintenance I guess and will always go with usability over aesthetics. But from an aesthetic standpoint I think they look gorgeous.
  3. for everyday use i like the non frame, theyre much more practical and comfortable..

    as much as i love the stam, i cant wear it everyday..
  4. I like the look of the non-frame better - and it's more practical. MJ leather looks amazing when it's slightly slouchy at the ends, as with the Sophia, Venetia, etc.
  5. i like non frame too. i think that theyre more versatile. the frame bags are gorgeous but seem like they may be a bit too trendy and bulky.
  6. I love the venetia and blake. But I was really hoping to get a PW Black Stam for everyday use. Does anyone else find that the Stam is hard for everyday usage? Maybe I should re-set my focus on the Blake?
  7. I don't have the stam but I have another frame bag and while I haven't used it too much I could tell immediately that it's much harder for me to get in and out of. The frames also don't allow the bag to open as far so it's a little harder to hunt around for things too. It's gorgeous though :smile: Just not as good for everyday as someone as undisciplined as me.

    But the Stams are definitely showstoppers so if I had the cash I'd be getting one of those to use like once a week or so :smile:
  8. i voted for the non-frame bags. the only frame bag i own is the stam and while it's arguably the prettiest bag in my collection, i can't see myself buying another one unless it comes out in an amazing color that i simply must have (i had to add that disclaimer in least i'm forced to eat my words). i'm not super crazy about the patchwork. the little stam is adorable, but i consider it an evening bag.

    coach superfan, i can use my stam everyday. the only reason i don't is because i feel i have to keep bags on rotation, so i don't feel like i've wasted my money.
  9. I voted for non-frame. I'm probably the minority here but I've never cared much for the frame bags.
  10. i love both....they're for different occations...but if i had to choose one, i would go with the frame, it's more classy
  11. The Stam is unbelievably gorgeous, but I can't imagine my collection without all of my other non-frame bags. They're beautiful and much more practical for daily use.
  12. I prefer non-frame bags for daily use. Those are the ones I usually grab first if I know I'll be using it for a long period of time.
  13. hmmm - for me I find the frame & kisslock really easy to get in & out of.
    granted my kid bag is smaller than the stam etc but I have no trouble locating items & find the kisslock closure super convenient & easy to use as opposed to some of the stiffer MJ zips.
  14. That is a difficult question. I love both. I would love the non-frame a lot more if the bags were larger. I don't own any Blakes or Sofias, because they are too small for me...same with the multipocket. I might try a large multipocket, but it still looks kind of small. I love, love the Stella and Hudson, though. I am a big Stam fan and I have a Karen, too. I really like those bags. I love both equally!
  15. if you asked me this question in march, i would have said frame bags. but after owning a stam, i find that it just makes the bag too heavy for everyday wear. ill stick with non frame bags for now :smile: