FRAME BAG-is it in???!!!From my PRADA SA:

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
Couldn't help myself! Re: the other bag. I followed all your advice, also got some more authenticating done, and bought the bag. You'd laugh -- I am such a frame bag junkie!
I love frame bags! I think they are really sweet. That being said, I'm not feeling those particular Prada frame bags. I agree that it would look lovely in a classic material - like leather or nylon.
Jill said:
I just got the Black nylon one-I am getting the leather for a birthday present (to myself !)on Friday.......

Hi Jill. I got all your pics on the Prada bags you emailed me. Just haven't made up my mind which frame bag to get. I saw your black nylon, but which leather one are you getting? Also, have you seen the frame bag on Saks that is a straw/white leather mix? What is your opinion?
I am probably going to buy the straw frame AND the brown leather one....I cant resist and my hubby wont yell at me cuz I can get away with anything on my bday!!(Yes..Mar 10!!!)