Framboise Zippy

  1. I was looking at that auction:shame: .... I love the pink color:love: , but wish it came in the organizer, so I could keep my check book in it, and have the extra credit card slots.:jammin:
  2. I'm totally getting the organizer in mono, it's my next purchase. I know it will last forever and won't be as precious as the gorgeous framboise. It's what I need to change out the zippy with... the organizer's are *****in. I like the damier too, but want the mono to go with my Mandarin Epi Noe etc etc... I agree with you bout the organizer....wouldn't it be awesome in perle too???
  3. You have the Mandarin Epi Noe?!?!?:yahoo: I :love: :love: :love: that purse!! I want one in the petite size... It's totally my next bag purchase if I don't buy an organizer wallet.
  4. Just got it this week... Call Angela at Valley Fair in Santa Clara if you want a new one... She got me mine, I'm totally in heaven... okay, just wanted to tell you, with the zippy, I took out my checkbook register (since I really just need it to balance online and log my atm withdrawals) and then, I put one or two checks in the zippy pocket, just in case... this totally worked for me yesterday, that way you really don't need your big bulky checkbook, at least until we get our organizers, but frankly, I don't use my checks during the day. I just write bills with them at night....
  5. I own the frambois Zippy and sometimes I just take it out to look at it and play with it! lol! I simply LOVE that darn wallet. SOmetimes I don't like holding it bc I want it to stay nice and clean and I obsess over keeping it new looking. The vernis is just gorgeous in any color, IMO.
  6. I was just at the LV in Valley Fair last week and the SA told me the Mandarin Epi Noe was sold out! I'm so pissed!! Thanks for the heads up! :yes:
  7. Does the Epi Noe come with the leather luggage tag that the MC one comes with?
  8. Just gorgeous! It's going to be so hot with your Brentwood!
  9. Nope. no luggage tag on the Noe. How about Mandarin and Framboise, if you can handle that much color,,,, Rainbow...

    I gotcha colleenco, I have been staring at the zippy for about 6 weeks now, not too mention fondling it, and am just using it for 1st time yesterday... cause I totally agree with you... that's why i want the mono zippy, it will be virtually indestructible, and the framboise will be for when I'm feeling so raspberry...
  10. Can't believe the SA said it was sold out.... ya know, it depends on who you talk to, people in Scottsdale were NOT helpful... The red Epi Noe would also be totally to die for, that would be my next choice if I couldn't have the Mandarin.... The Noe is so fab, have you seen the new icon flash on