framboise or later??

  1. hi guys!

    as the price increase is fast approaching, I was wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea for me to list my framboise zippy wallet on ebay now or to wait until the price increase is in effect? are framboise vernis items good at resale? Im not familiar with resale value of vernis items and have noticed they dont sell aswell as multicolor or monogram for example!

    any suggestions, opinions?

  2. the discontinued colors such as fuschia have great resale values. you maybe wait till the price increase is in effect because its just 2 days away! yikes!
  3. Ooooh... what are you selling it for, and what's the condition? Usually vernis sells for lower due to the possibility of color transfer and just not being a very durable material.
    I've been dying for some framboise!
  4. I guess it's depends on the condition of the item. Also, since it's only 2 more days, why not wait?

    It's a hot color, would be able to sell well. I think the value would be more after it's discontinued.
  5. Why are you selling? I thought you loved your zippy? I'm really interested since I almost purchased this at LV this weekend. Did you have color transfer? I love this wallet!
  6. I loved the veris framboise zippy after seeing coleen -sp- buy it from vegas and posting about it. I just had to go out and get one of my own lol...however after having used it for less then a noticing its just too large for what i have to carry around. (4 CC's, ID, misc cards) I dont carry cash and very very minimal change and my checkbook is an another lv agenda holder thingy. I am interested in the compact wallets chanel has out in caviar leather. The wallet has no color transfer and smells brand new. Im just curious as to what this wallet can demand as far as price. I mean obv it will be less then RETAIL, but can someone throw out ball park figures. I want to make sure im not being greedy, or underestimating the value of the wallet when listing.
    thanks guys
  7. I would say $450.00 or so if it's that new. At least that's what I would pay.
  8. I agree