Framboise Zippy Clean edges?

  1. :smile: Hey!

    My framboise zippy got quite a little workout this spring and summer, she globe trotted and had a wonderful time!

    The pink fabric edges are a little um, not filthy, but just smudged, not as clean as I like them. Do you think I can carefully dip a toothbrush in dishwashing detergent and scrub the fabric without touching or damaging the vernis or do you think you'd just leave it alone.

    I'd die if anything bad happened, maybe best to live with a little wear? Not sure, dying to try, maybe try a tiny place then let it sit for a day and inspect... this is why I'd love an Amarante zippy:rolleyes:

    I know I'll have a similar problem when my azure organizer arrives, and I just had to have her:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    soooo bad.
  2. I would use 1 part water, 1 part detergent, but I think someone on here did that to their cles and it worked.
  3. ^^ cool! thanks sweetie. I'll just be very careful not to dampen the vernis or even the stitching close to it, it will be quite the operation....