Framboise Vernis


Feb 14, 2006
How long do you think the Raspberry Vernis will be around before it's discontinued ?
I'm deciding if I should get the Porte-Trésor International Wallet sooner or at the end of Aug. I might be going to Paris, France in the late summer, so I might be able to save some dollars.
When Im there its going to be either the Damier Speedy or Framboise Vernis wallet -I'm convincing myself that I MUST take advantage of the deal. LOL
I too think it will be around for at least another year. It is supposed to be very popular. I went to the LV in Union Square (SF) this weekend and they were sold out of this color for the Ludlow wallet. So was the Neiman Marcus in Union Square. The SA said that sometimes the shipment of new Frambroise items don't even get shown because it is bought so quickly. *sigh* I saw it IRL though (on a Lexington as well as a Ludlow in H&M) and its GORGEOUS! Buy it now and enjoy it for a long time! (: