Framboise Vernis...

  1. ....on elux right now. Its delish!


  2. ooo thanks for the pics! I was wondering when it would show up there...even though they dont ship to HI :sad:
  3. Don't ship to the UK either, but I can still drool! :biggrin:
  4. damn, we're deprived!!!! :sad2:
  5. Oh me too in this club.. boo Canada. Well, I guess it's really more boo eLux.
  6. Where in Canada are you from Ayla?
  7. My hometown is Toronto, I spend most of my time in London though. :smile:
  8. London, UK? or London, ONT? I have family in London, ONT.

    The framboise is such a juicy color! I want to buy another piece in it! :love:

    I'm debating between a pearl or framboise the ladies with lex' do you think they are shape-wise and do you use it often?
  9. London, Ontario. I go to the University of Western Ontario. :amuse:

    And I don't have a lexington, but I love the perle colour, I'd be really afraid of the colour transfer issue since it really seems to affect lighter coloured vernis items. Excellent choice by the way !
  10. Wow... that is a stunning color. I love the top bag, is that the Houston? I don't own any LV Vernis pieces yet. This is something I should consider looking into :love:
  11. They don't carry much, but they're perfect for shopping or going out. I love how refined yet pretty the shape is!
  12. not bad i have to say. not bad at all.
  13. i just bought the houston in BOTH the pink and pearl vernis- i couldn't decide which one i liked better. they'll go with different things!
  14. i love the frambroise! can't wait to get my wallet! :smile:
  15. I am in that gang to living in London UK .... but I thought they were bringing eluxury to the UK