Framboise v Fuschia vernis

  1. Please let me know which colour you prefer and why, please post pics!:yes:
  2. I prefer fuchsia :yes:
  3. Framboise, just not as loud, but still pretty!
  4. by far the most beautiful if the fuchsia, i have both but the fuchsia just blings :drool:
  5. i love fuschia, but i would buy framboise.

    well fuschia for the smaller items and framboise for the bigger ones.
  6. could anyone please post pics! I have just bought a Bedford in Fuschia but have never even seen it in real life, I have heard the framboise is shimmery like nailpolish and was wondering if the fuschia was?:yes:
  7. I go back and forth :biggrin: Here are some pics! The framboise is shimmery and the fuchsia is just shiny.
    yfdb7.jpg yfdb6.jpg co2006_09.jpg
  8. Agreed. :yes: :yes: :yes: It's such a beautiful color!!! :nuts:
  9. thanks, is it shimmery at all?
  10. Framboise :yes:
    Framboise Bedford.JPG
  11. I have both so I do love both..but the framboise is just more muted and's my pic of a couple of my pieces..the Houston is Framboise, the Lexington and PTI are Fuchsia.
  12. Fram, it's so shimmery!
  13. I have tried to really like it but, I don't like framboise. It is like a watered down fuchsia.
  14. Framboise :yes:
  15. I like them both...but I think I prefer framboise.