Framboise, Pomme D Amour or Multicolore Agenda

  1. Hi all, i m in a dillemma!!! Should i get a Framboise or Pomme D Amour Agenda? Or a Multicolore white/black agenda? I m getting the small ring one.

    I love alll.. but i can only get one!! Which one would you get? Thank you!!! :heart:
  2. MC white agenda :smile:
    Pretty little thing
  3. Framboise! I have a framboise agenda and I absolutely love it. It's so pretty and I love taking it out and using it. I believe the pomme agendas are sold out, otherwise I'd say go for that one otherwise! Vernis agendas are sooo pretty!
  4. I am not a pink I say Pomm!
  5. If you like red, go with the Pomme. YUMM.
  6. Thank you everyone for your precious advices!! :tender:
  7. I have the pomme agenda and it is gorgeous, I love pomme !!!!
  8. They're all so pretty, it would be hard to choose!
  9. Pomme!
  10. Either framboise or pomme!
  11. I'd get the Pomme, but the framboise is super cute too!
  12. MC gets my vote.
  13. another vote for MC
  14. Multicolor Agenda.
  15. I vote for Framboise!