Framboise or Pomme???? Help me please !!!!!

  1. Hi everybody !!!!!:smile: I still could not decide what to do with my Lexington, and as I don't have much time left I have to make a decision. I think I would keep the Lexington but not sure what is the best choise ??? :confused1: I now have the Framboise but also love the Pomme. I think that buying both would be too much of the same(or not ??) so I need to decide which could be the best color?? I need help !!!! Please !!!! Have any of you been through this decision??? Thanks !!!!!!:yes: I also bought a billfold framboise (wallet) and have the same problem !! Don't blame me for being so indecisive, I feel like stupid, but I really don't know what to do !!!!
  2. pomme. stronger and so intricately beautiful in color.
  3. For lexington, I'll go for Pomme ;)
  4. Oh I can so relate!

    I bought allot of framboise items and now am indecisive too about what style pomme to get.
  5. Do you wear more pink or red?
  6. They are both gorgeous in their own right. Pomme is a very strong and vibrant colour, whereas the Framboise is a sweeter and more subtle colour in pink.
  7. framboise
  8. Pomme is gorgeous IRL. A very unique red that has bluish undertones.
  9. I would go with Pomme.. so pretty and more versatile than Framboise IMO!
  10. Thanks for your support !!!!:yes: At least I don't feel I'm the only one!!! What do you own in Framboise??
    Thanks again !!!!

  11. I used to wear more pink, actually I don't wear red, but in this case I love this red and also are accessories. I think that the Pomme can make good contrast. But I also love the Framboise :crybaby: Thanks for your help !!!!
  12. Thanks everybody for your support!!! I still could not decide which color to keep. I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I'll keep you informed !! Thanks again for your help!!!!:smile:
  13. Love Pomme!
  14. Pomme!
  15. Framboise!