Framboise or Amarante Reade. Which one?


Which Reade? Framboise or Amarante

  1. Framboise

  2. Amarante

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  1. Hi all. I'm thinking that I'd like to get one of these two bags: a Framboise or an Amarante Reade. I have a framboise ludlow and an amarante french purse already. Which would you pick and why?

    Thank you!
  2. I personally like pomme better, but I think amarante will be more versatile. Framboise is nice in small doses, I think.
  3. I like the Amarante color just not crazy about the fingerprints. Framboise is a very feminine pink which is every pink lovers color.
  4. I think the amarante could be an all season bag, but if you're just looking for a summer bag i'd go for the framboise .. plus its been discontinued so if you can get one buy it !
  5. Framboise.. I just love this color so much more than Amarante
  6. Framboise -- love the color and since it has been discontinued, it will be gone soon. You always have time to get something else in amarante later.
  7. I LOVE the Amarante and want that to be my next bag. However, I think you should get the Framboise because it's still a gorgeous color and won't be as easy to come by since it (I think) is discontinued now.
  8. If I have to choose between Framboise or Amarante I'll choose Amarante. It is a darker color and not easy to have color transfer or stain problem. Also it looks different color under the sun~
  9. amarante vote here! it's so luxurious!
  10. So many decisions. Thank you. I'm thinking I may go with Framboise because it's more fun....we'll see. Further thoughts are appreciated!
  11. Amarante because it's a beautiful color and more versatile. I agree with the poster who said frambose is better in small doses.
  12. I like the reade in framboise, but amarante is also nice.
  13. Amarante
  14. I vote for Framboise. It's going to be discontinued......also after the straps patina, there will be more contrast between the pink than the amarante. I just think framboise is a fun color. I have to agree that the amarante is luxurious.
    Have you consider pomme? I think that color is luxurious & fun at the same time. :smile:
  15. that's so hard.... i love both colors! but i agree with rebecca. get the fraboise first, because, to my knowledge also, it's discontinued...