Framboise or Amarante Ludlow?


Which color?

  1. Amarante

  2. Framboise

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. HI everyone I just bought a green mini pleaty and the neverfull mm. which ludlow should iget the amarante or the framboise? thanks
  2. i don't think amarante will look good with monogram canvas...too dark IMO...and also won't look good with green!

    i chose framboise.
  3. I say framboise. I love pink and green together. I just bought a green perfo speedy and a framboise vernis cles to use with it.
  4. i think purple/black and green will look just fine. that pink is too girlie. unlesss.... go pearle//////.....
    where did you get a green mini pleaty?!?!?!? i want one! how much?
  5. you could start with the framboise because I thought the color was limited? no? then move onto the new color :smile:
  6. Framboise. I am so in love with this color!
  7. Both look good, but Amarante gets my vote on this one.
  8. i voted for amarante but thats just me
  9. I say framboise because of how much you will handle a wallet. I just got the amarante cles, and it fingerprints BADLY. I keep polishing it!! I have a framboise agenda and don't see any prints. I think amarante is nicer for something you won't handle as much. But, it is totally incredibly GORGEOUS. :yes:
  10. I also voted Framboise because of the fingerprint issue with Amarante. I love Amarante, but I love things tidy and loads of finger marks may drive me crazy.
  11. Framboise!
  12. Amarante...Hot!
  13. Framboise! Would love beautiful with your green mini pleaty...
  14. Framboise.
  15. amarante .thats on my wishlist too.