~*Framboise Minna Street + Amarante Reade OR Manhattan PM??*~


Framboise Minna Street + Amarante Reade....OR....Manhattan PM??

  1. Framboise Minna Street + Amarante Reade

  2. Manhattan PM

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  1. Argh I can't decide - help me choose guys!!

    Should I buy:

    A Framboise Minna Street and an Amarante Reade


    A Manhattan PM??
  2. this is a toughie....i'd go for the former because you get 2 bags in totally different looks and colors! the manhattan pm will always be around.
  3. Vernis bag gets my vote.
  4. This is a very difficult decision...I think the Manhattan PM is more worth the money because it holds a lot more than the Reade (I'm not familiar with the size of Minna Street) but the amarante Reade is certainly cute! It's just the small size of the Reade that bothers me a bit...

    Argh, I'm not too much help am I....:sweatdrop:
  5. I voted for the Manhattan. I have the minna street and the reade pm and while they are sooo pretty I haven't used them. I don't feel comfortable because the reade is too open at the top and the Minna is quite small. It depends on your personal needs though, like I said the two vernis are beautiful bags but I get more use out of the manhattan.
  6. Slayer - are you able to post pictures of the Minna Street at all? I have yet to see the bag in person - I've only had Vuitton.com to go by so far.
  7. If you want the framboise piece, I would definitely get it as the color has been discontinued. Plus, I like the shiny colorful bags over the Manhattan -- lots of fun color for summer or dreary winter!
  8. I vote the Amarante Reade PM and Framboise Minna. Both colors are limited and the Minna will be gone soon.
  9. I like big bags... and a lot of brass hardware. but amarante is such a pretty color, i can understand why you are in dilemma.
  10. option 1

    2 bags or 1 bag not much of a tough choice plus the colours are gorgeous
  11. Option #1
  12. An Amarante Reade and an Amarante Sunset Blvd. :upsidedown:
  13. Franmboise Minna Street & Amarante Reade..
    Or as Valley said how about the Sunset Blvd? :graucho:
  14. Ooh that's a really tough one! I really like the Manhattan, but I love the Minna Street in framboise too. I haven't seen amarante IRL yet so I'm not sure, but I'm almost tempted to say go for the smaller but more-limited pieces first.
  15. Tough choice ... but I vote for the Manhattan ... because I want one so badly. :p