Framboise Envelope Pouch

  1. Has anyone seen one?
  2. I want one!
  3. Hi! I'm new here and I've been trying to figure out a way to post my photos since last night but have to take another batch of photos coz they won't download. :confused1::shrugs::upsidedown: Techie newbie, too!! LOL...

    It's a flat pouch meas. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". It's got a small slit pocket inside and another one at the back. The chain with the pink-colored enamel charms at the end meas. 7 1/2". You can use the chain to attach to a D-ring or attach it at the back to make it look like a clutch or wrist bag. I think it's still available at eluxury and at the vuitton site.

    You can use it to carry papers or bills. It won't fit a lipstick coz it's flat. I use it to carry coins and bills coz the coin pouch is too small for me. Hope this helps...

  4. Thank you for the wonderful description. But I meant has anyone seen one in a store. I have been trying to locate one with no success. Thanks again:love:
  5. I just saw one yesterday at my local boutique ( Sydney ). They also has a Framboise heart on display so I reckon new stocks are coming in. You should call again. Good luck!
  6. I called the 866 number a few times this week and was told all colors in the flat pouch were sold out and no new shipments would be coming in. Also called all Macys, Saks and Neimans that carry LV. No luck
  7. :sad: . I don't think the flat pouch is limited edition. Any local LV you can go to and ask if you can be waitlisted?
  8. When I asked the 1866 number, they told me that the flat pouches were just for Valentine's only, just like the heart purses. :shrugs:

  9. Nope they said that and the heart were a one run deal. No more to be made:sad:
  10. Oh, thanks for the info garf13ld and Z&J.
  11. I've only seen the Perle