Framboise blues

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  1. I might just go crazy. :wtf:

    I "discovered" LV late September, two handbags and a keychain quickly followed, and I'm planning a third bag ... and have been kicking myself ever since I realised my new found obsession happened just that bit too late to buy any framboise Vernis ... which I would love some small items in, like a pochette wallet, cles, maybe an agenda.

    I'm told it's sold out everywhere, so I figured there's nothing I can do about it. And I'd just about got over it. Just about convinced myself I'd settle for pomme instead. It's a nice colour, after all, I even like it. I just don't LOVE it like I do framboise.

    And then today ... I was browsing the LV website and decided to take a look at the Spanish website ... and OMG, there it is .... frambuesa, frambuesa and more frambuesa, all the things I want are there in that fabulous pink (and there's even a cutie little heart purse :love: ...) and here's me in Australia, not speaking a word of Spanish, not even knowing someone who lives in Spain ...

    Aaaggghhh!!!! :wacko:
  2. i think some stores still sell the framboise stuff. about a month ago I saw a framboise houston at a Saks in San Antonio. and there's still framboise stuff on the US site of (i saw a Houston on there yesterday).

    maybe if you go to your local store and tell them what u are looking for, they can find a store that has something you want, and they can have it sent to your local store?
  3. Aww good luck, i tracked down my framboise cles a few months ago, try calling the 1866 number , thats how I found mine!
  4. Try calling your stores in your country. Good luck.
  5. Framboise is my favorite vernis color with pomme a very close second. Like others have mentioned, go to your store and ask them to do a search for you. Good luck!
  6. I was able to track down a framboise french purse just this week. The items are still out there in the US - you just have to call and have them find and ship it to you. Hopefully, it is the same way in Australia.
  7. I know how you feel! I think we all do! We have all missed out on something that we really want and love! Good luck in finding what you want, it is a gorgoeus color!!! I am sure you will find some somewhere!
  8. Good luck in finding one :P
  9. Ask your both your regular SA and a rep at the 866# to do a search for you. If you have a particular item in mind, the SA can ask another store to ship to you. If you want any item in the line then 866 might be better. My SA was able to find me a Vernis piece that was sold out and the 866 rep helped track down a discontinued Mandarin purse for me. Good luck!
  10. Good luck, i know its frustrating looking for something you know is out there, but out of your reach....
  11. You wonderful people -- you've given me fresh hope!

    I'd sort of given up before I'd even started because I was thinking oh well, missed out. But if you're all saying get LV to track down some framboise pieces .... well, I don't have anything to lose by trying, do I? Okay - I'll do it!

    Next question -- this Cartera Plana is what got me wanting to take a trip to Spain. The Huang Family have it listed on eBay. (Not sure if I should be copying it but I haven't been able to find another pic aside of the flash on the LV website). Was this ever available in the US/UK/Australia?

  12. yes, i was in the exact same position you are in. i discovered framboise a little too late, and i really really wanted the framboise french wallet. Sooo i stalked ebay for 2 weeks straight, and finally, a seller put up a one that she bought in 2006 that was never used. Luckily for me, it was a "buy it now item" i asked for aunthencity on the LV thread and sure enough was authentic. I purchased it for $575, last month. Well worth it! I also have the 4 key holder, last framboise item at the boutique, bought last month as well. Although, as much as i love framboise, im lovingggg the pomme a little bit more......
  13. The flat puch you posted is no longer available I don't think you'll find that (or the heart) they were released in limited quantities for Valentines 07 but you hould still be able to track down something framboise don't give up!
  14. :lol: Don't you love it when stalking eBay pays off? And if you've done it, I guess I can too ... you make me realise it would be crazy to give up hope without even trying. Congrats on tracking both of them down - good for you!
  15. ... Or I could pay $780 for that one from the Huang Family!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: