Framboise Bedford, who's got one?

  1. Wooo. I just ordered a Framboise bedford from eLux (thank you elux Free Shipping and Mr. Rebates)! :yahoo: I cannot wait for this bag to come in...I love this shape and color. Anyone have this (exact) bag? What are your thoughts on it? Useful? Love it? Only like it?

    It'll match my ludlow. I'm on a vernis buying frenzy. Just bought a pomme d'amour lexington last week, bought the cles a few weeks ago. Bought and returned a defective indigo bedford.

    Very exciting. I :heart: vernis. Ok, I have to be on an official LV ban, starting now.
  2. Count me in...........I just received my framboise bedford last week. Lvoe it!
    I also ordered the Ludlow in framboise for my smaller bags......

    All of a sudden I am in love with up pomme!
  3. I have one and I love it! Congrats!
  4. I love mine. It's so pretty, but can be a pain to get into sometimes.
  5. Hot bag Congrats!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats!
  7. congrats! any pics?