Frambois Vernis Line

  1. Does anyone know whether the frambois Vernis line is a permanent line or is it seasonal? TIA:flowers:
  2. The color is seasonal.
  3. Yeah..most all of the colors they come out with are seasonal. Perle has been around for awhile though (it came out around the same time as the indigo, I believe.)
  4. Are there any new vernis colors coming out for fall and winter?
  5. Now is the vernis line really that difficult to maintain? Let's say if I wear it to work and I'm wearing a black suit with red pinstripe or something, will that be a problem? reason I ask is that my sales person made it sound like that line attracts dirt or colors or something.
  6. The problem is that the vernis leather is porous and makes it permeable to colour. The frambroise actually isn't too bad, it's really, really light colours (especially colours like perle and marshmellow) that are really at danger for colour transfer. As long as you're cautious and don't put your vernis pieces on things like newspapers or where there might be transfer (e.g. don't rub rub rub it against new darkwash jeans !) - you should be good. :yes:
  7. Exactly what ayla's durable as long as you don't let it rub against dark colored or printed things. And don't let it sit on anything wet because the water will seep into the leather and make a dark spot.
    But just be careful with it like you would be with any other bag and you'll be fine.
  8. No.

    New vernis colours usually come out during the Spring.
  9. I've been using my Framboise agenda pm for over a month now as a wallet and nothing has happened to it, I also have a beige cles that I'll use for maybe a couple months at a time and again Nothin:confused1: I think the biggest things you have to worry about are rubbing against dark denim or other material that has a strong dye that can leach, and with ink from pens or paperwork, so keep the stuff away from newspapers, magazines etc. I've had such a good experience so far that I'm just going to go for it and get a Reade pm in perle and a Lexington in noisette/maybe vice versa, I'll make the final decision when I'm trying them on (at least that's my plan):angel:
  10. hmm, must have been in the middle of writing when everyone else posted, but glad to see we all feel the same! I tend to be kind to my LV bags regardless of the material so I've really always followed the "vernis rules" anyway!

    Oh also, the "neutral" vernis colors tend to run at least a couple of years, like in the past there was beige and bronze, then they changed it to perle and addition there is usually a pink or purple or red, and sometime a dark like black or indigo.......THEN finally, sometimes more Limited colors come out like peppermint and least that's what I've observed and discussed with SA's...
  11. Thanks eyelove! I really love the framboise, but I must say that the perle and the noisette just don't do much for me. It will be exciting to see what they come out with for spring 07.
  12. You're welcome!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing what new Vernis colours will be coming out in the Spring!
  13. i'd love to get one item in the vernis line (probably a framboise), but i'm just sooooo paranoid i'll stuff it up in the first minute i got it... do you think stuff like shining monkey might help?
  14. I don't think Shining monkey would be a good idea, the Framboise Vernis really is pretty durable IMO, just be careful not to scrape it against anything sharp or rough and try not to rub it against anything that can transfer color, though not as much of a problem on Framboise b/c it is a darker color......This really isn't much different than any bag, you can get color transfer on anything, it's VERY difficult at best to get out of all bags, but pretty much impossible to get out of Vernis, still the same rules apply though! DON'T be AFFRAID hehe:P Try something small and go from there, if it were that bad they wouldn't be selling it anymore because no one would be buying it!
  15. thats true... i love the perle too!! :nuts: