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  1. So recently I got hooked to anything with reddish hue... enough to get curious on fraise. Bought it unseen. It's red yes but not too bright, not to light. Can't see the pinkish hue. Can't see the "strawberry" in it too! It definitely has some depth which makes it hard to describe. I took a photo of it with maroon and black for contrast.
    with flash
    without flash

    My black wallet is 2 years old and has been abused daily without any signs of wear. For those with zip around wallets, does it hold up well too or do I have to be mindful of the edges/zip?
  2. Where did you buy it? If Neimans, I'm wondering if you ended up with new red. Because
    NM has the colors all mixed up. Fraise has some blue undertones while new red has more orange tones. It's hard to see the color difference unless the lighting is just right.
  3. The attached photos are what I consider to be Fraise, so I'm thinking, as Grietje wrote, that you've got the New Red...?

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  4. In a way both of this season's reds fail to commit to a definite hue. Fraise is pinkish but not at the same time. In reminds me quite a bit of blood from two seasons ago. New red is red but not deep--you could see orange. Fever, the color people like to New Red compare it to, is a committed smack-you-across-the-face vibrant red. New Red is more subtle (for a bright red).

    I think these two colors are intentionally a bit softer in saturation. Besides, I think BV decided used up all its saturation on Tangerine this season!