Fragrance Question? Perfume experts?

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  1. 1. Is it true that if you keep your fragrance in the fridge, it will last longer?
    2. what is the life shelf of the "unopened fragrance"? can u use it after 3 4 years later and find it still fresh?
  2. 1. True
    2. I don't know exactly, but once you OPEN the bottle, the lifespan is about 2 years.
    If you do not open it at all and keep it in a cool, dry, dark room (or fridge), I'll take a shot and guess 5 years max.
  3. As long as it still smells good, I wear it. I have perfumes that are 5+ years old and they're fine. I think keeping them out of heat and direct sunlight is probably most important :shrugs:
  4. I am no expert, but my nose and I are pretty sure that "shelf life" depends on the fragrance, as well as how it was compounded.

    I have seen - well, smelled - natural, no preservatives gardenia fragrance go to heaven in a matter of weeks, and I have in my possession and have been in the presence all my life of natural, no preservatives oud and sandalwood oils that are still fine after decades. (Hey, just like me! :biggrin:)

    With "regular," commericial fragrances that contain preservatives, it just depends. Climate can be a factor, I have smelled old Arpege, for example, in warm lands that did not have as much staying power as old Arpege in frostier lands.

    Guerlain perfumes tend to be as immortal as oud and sandalwood - at least so far, I'm only 56. Ask me again in 2059.

    Rose does not last as long, unless it is the actual attar, in which case you can count on it for at least 6-8 years. Because it is a lighter fragrance, and one that I have received with less frequency, I don't have any that is older than that because I use it up faster!