Fragrance purchase


Mar 27, 2008
Hey all!

I was just about to order a fragrance and now see there is the option of the travel spray set! I don't travel all that often, but being able to order refills is so convenient for me as I don't live near an LV store. For those who have it, does it spray as nicely as the regular full sized bottles do? Its the same amount of perfume since its 4 25ml bottles vs 1 100ml bottle, but for some reason I feel like I will use them faster. That makes no sense I know :confused1:

So for those of you that have fragrances, do you have a preference between the big bottle and the travel one?


Jan 12, 2019
I have both the big bottle and travel size.
If you travel often then the travel size would do. It depends on your preference.
But as far as I know when you buy 100mls or 250mls you need to bring the bottle back to the store for refills and refills cost less than the regular price according to my SA.
Jun 25, 2017
Just wanted to let you know it's way less than the 100ml bottle. It comes with 4 7.5ml vials (30ml total). It's great if you want to carry it in your purse and the dispenser is lovely. I alternate between a couple different purfumes and don't always wear purfume every day so for me its worth it.